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  2. I do not know. I will check it tomorrow ASAP. Thanks! I took the wiper fuse out from the box inside the car because the wipers kept running, then stop then keep running.
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  4. Hi, I just got a 2005 GX470 with 212000 miles in great shape with air suspension, nav & Mark Levninson audio for $6500 out the door, I would say (if still available) that it's a little high but if plan on keeping it it is sooo worth it!!
  5. Fuse #2 (20 amp) in the engine compartment fuse box is for the wipers. Is it blown?
  6. I’m very excited about this purchase. Looking forward to learn all I can about this vehicle. I traded in my 2013 Nissan Frontier for this GX a few days ago. Already have plans to lift it and throw some 33s on it.
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  8. Wipers not working on a 99 LS400. Replaced column stalk and wiper motor. Didn't help. Any ideas would be appreciated. Rick p.
  9. I recommend you to buy Lexus 2016. I also owned this car. The maintenance of this model is affordable and cheaper than other models. I normally purchase all its accessories and parts from Ritecoupons and currently, they are offering money saving coupons that help you to save more.
  10. I have a 2000 ES350 with check engine codes P1130 and P1135. I just looked up the part from Napa and it shows part number, Denso DEN 2349021. It looks like this same sensor is used in two different areas, Upstream Rear;Bank 1 Sensor 1; Upstream Front;Bank 2 Sensor 1. I replaced this same part last year for the Upstream Front; Bank 2, Sensor 1 and was hoping somebody can confirm that this same part is used in both locations. Thank you very much!
  11. I suspect as long as you have the rest of the required equipment to run GPS navigation it should work just fine. The dead giveaway is usually on top of the vehicle. If you see the shark fin on the roof of the car then it has everything you need for navigation. You should, in theory just need the software installed. However, I have a similar question. My Lexus RX450H also has the smaller screen, without navigation. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the navigation software installed on mine without paying the dealership an absurd amount of money for some basic maps????
  12. Hi, This is my first post. I'm interested in buying my first Lexus. I'm looking for an ES 3 series. Are there any problems with any of the engines as to burning oil or blowing head gaskets due to poor design, as some Camrys and Corollas have? Thanks
  13. All, just wanted to chip in since there are so many helpful comments here. A wrong Lexus key was inserted into my IS300, resulting in my key not being able to turn at all. I use the spray lube, dry variety, and still no luck. My mechanic buddy suggested I use a straightened out paper clip to move things around in the key hole, and voila! It was such a simple thing to try, and I worked, so I wanted to share that with you all.
  14. Your location says California and your year and model says 2020 ES250. The 2020 ES250 isn't sold in the U.S. but it is sold in a number of other countries. If you really do have a U.S. market 2020 ES (ES350 or ES300h), then the "Ringtone Volume" can be changed on the Sounds settings screen. See page 249 of the navigation and media manual:
  15. How often are you having to buy HID bulbs? Are you buying new high quality OEM 4100K HID bulbs? Stay away from high kevin off-brand bulbs. I've never had an OEM HID bulb burn out. My 2000 LS400 was still on its original factory installed HID bulbs when I sold it in 2014. The HID bulbs in my 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited van are still the original ones. You would have to replace your current HID headlight units with the standard units in order to use low beam halogen bulbs and also do a considerable amount of inventive re-wiring. You would also lose the automatic beam leveling feature. LED headlight conversion kits are mostly crap.
  16. I have a 2003 ES 300 that came with factory HID low beams. Although I love HIDs i have had nothing but problems with them and i am tired of spending 70 bucks a pop on bulbs. Is there a way to convert from HID to conventional halogen bulbs so i can then in turn upgrade to LED?
  17. I can hear the ringtone of my phone when my phone rings but also the ringtone of the car, which is some sort of piano track. I still don't seem to be able to adjust the ringtone of the vehicle. Knows anyone how to do that?
  18. Update: I was searching through Consumer Reports magazines and came upon a section on rodents and their damaging habits in engine bays during certain times of the year. One of CR's suggestions is to place moth balls inside panty hose, tie up the end and place in the general area of infestation. Between this and the tape I mentioned, above, you should have a good chance of eradicating the pests. Good luck, Kathy; let us know if you've had any success.
  19. I have 2007 , LS 460 . the drivers arm rest has some cracks . I any received a letter from Lexus stating , armrest , dashboard cracked will be replaced @no no charge . I brought my car to lexus. they took pictures of the whole interior . said they would order the whole interior because is had to be manufactured. so I am getting a free arm rest. And if other parts crack they will have the parts in stock. Received letter in march 2020
  20. WD40 is one of the worst substances you could have used. It's a solvent and not a lubricant and can really gum up the works when it dries. WD40 stains badly too. I doubt that it is acceptable to squirt any substance into the shift lever assembly. I suggest that you pull the wood trim panel off the center console and try to determine what's going on. I should remember how to remove the large console wood panel from a gen 1 LS400 since I did it many times on the 1990 LS400 I drove from new to 2003. I can't remember if it's necessary to remove the drink holder assembly or the ashtray before jerking out the wood panel. I don't think it is - not certain. Grab the wood panel ahead of the gear shift lever with your finger tips and pull upward. There are two clips at the front on the underside of the panel that will pop out of slots in the console structure. Then slide the wood panel forward and upward so that the clips on the underside of the panel at the back slide out of their slots. I actually have a gen 1 LS400 console wood panel in my garage that was damaged when my 90 LS400 was rear ended hard enough to crack the clear coat on the panel. I don't know if removing the wood panel will allow you to see anything. The only shifter I've disassembled was on a Toyota Camry and that was not at all fun.
  21. I have the same problem with my '05 LS430. It appears to be coming from the right side back window, but i've not yet been able to isolate it. Sorry, no remedy yet.
  22. I spilled coffee on my 94 LS400 shift gear console last week. Cleaned it and sprayed some WD 40. It shifted fine for couple of days. It does not shift smoothly any more from Park to R, N, D etc.need help in fixing this problem. My wife refuses to drive the car. Thanks in advance for any suggestion. Vinnie
  23. Wow nice to see that Lexus is a big piece of Junk 2009 rx350 136k and the oil cooler line blows I find out from the dealer in not covered to fix this problem but it's the same oil line they are replacing for free on many of the cars do to defect s with the line so I can fix it myself for 75.00 or pay the dealer 335.00 I will never a Lexus again I buy a Ford that I hate before any Lexus or Toyota Junk
  24. That’s a great look! And the tires look big for their size. Mine are 235 at’s and don’t look so beefy at all. Which Russian spacers did you go with? 20, 30 or 40 mm?
  25. Thanks SHA4000. I agree and am investigating the fuel system.
  26. I have a 2005 Lexus LS430 and get no sound out of the speakers at all. All of the functions will show on the screen, but no sound with any selection. The amp is a Mark Levinson unit (86280-0W250) I have the 3 plugs to the amp removed and the 2 bolts holding the unit in place removed, but.I'm having a great deal of trouble actually removing the unit. I think the issue is the small module that's attached to the amp. There are 2 plugs on the smaller unit, which I've disconnected. I'm assuming the smaller module can be disconnected from the amp, because the pictures of the rebuilt units I've found show nothing attached to the amp. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks.
  27. I live in a rural area and I just had my first problem with the LC 500 run flats. That is to say, I picked up a nail which the tire pressure sensor alerted me to, and gave my Lexus dealer a call. The tires cannot be patched from the inside, they MUST BE REPLACED. So, this nail is going to cost me $500. The wheels are 21" and in combination with the run-flat tires, the LC 500 feels like it's in way over its head on anything but a perfectly straight road. I really like my car, and I know that it's never going to be a Lotus, but replacing the tires seems like a reasonable way to reduce rotating weight, and increase handling and road feedback. Has anybody out there with an LC 500 replaced their run-flats with Pilot Sports?
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  29. I have a YouTube channel where I publish videos on repairs and projects I do around the house. I have a very detailed video on replacing the water pump, drive belt, and thermostat on my 2013 Lexus GX460. Check out the link below. I also made a thorough write-up on the procedure, which is also linked below. I posted this in the how-to section, but thought I would share here also. Enjoy!
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