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  2. Hey, I just had another thought trying to save you some money. Can you get the car to an Autozone or equivalent? They can run a free scan and if their scanner has the lexus DTC Top library, maybe we can find out for free. One thing I can tell after changing my motor, that top is heavy due to the gears. As far as the ding ding ding goes, turn up the radio or use the wrench in the trunk and try to lock the top through that plug just off center foward in the roof. Someone sent me the roof overhaul instructions while you were away plus I found how to manually open the roof etc. Paul
  3. Buying 2001 Lexus GS 300 for only 1,000 bucks has roughly 277,000 miles on it nothing wrong with vehicle at all just wanting to know is this a good deal due to so many miles because I don’t want to get the vehicle if it’s going to stop running soon
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  5. It doesn't lend much confidence to your mechanic that he wouldn't know this before ordering an engine from a different year. ECUs are almost always year/model/trim specific, even if the plugs match they're usually not interchangeable. You can take your chances going by just the year but if you don't want to waste more time and money chasing trouble lights you need the part number. Plug your VIN in here and find the one you need -
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  7. Hey Dave. Glad your back and hope the trip went well. Yea, I might have another issue because I find it hard to believe that when the top was stuck while packed in the trunk that just lifting it and letting it drop back down made it work again was caused by the motor. Even though that was the only code ever called out. But hey, we can hope right? Paul
  8. Hi Paul, That is great news! I am glad you were able to quickly and inexpensively repair your problem with the roof. I will be purchasing a scanner so I can determine where my problem is and hope to have similar results as you. Happy to hear you are back to enjoying her with the top down and returning back up when it is needed. Dave
  9. JE; I was told that Towing a Trailer w/an RX 400h would burn out the Motor, that U hafta have a Gas Engine so that won't happen. I'm curious 2 know of your exp. 'cause I'd like 2 get a 2,000 # or less Teardrop Trailer but figure that I'd hafta get another RX (Gas) or the new NX. Pls. keep me posted. Thx.
  10. Hi.......I am thinking of doing a DIY brake pad & rotor replacement on both front & back on my ES 350/2016. Does anyone have the torque specs for doing this job & any advice or tutorials that might be useful in doing this job? Thanks
  11. OK. Update time. Yea. 10 days ago, my top finally died. So sad. But, since I had the B2502 DTC Code to go by, I pulled the tire kit in the trunk and the center plastic to access the "Sliding Roof Control ECU. I removed plug S-20 and used my digital multimeter to check continuity across pins 2 and 6 to verify the health of the motor and cable to/from the ECU. Now a good reading would have been about 1 ohm. I had as expected something much higher. I think it was in the 40-50 thousand ohm range. I found a replacement motor on ebay for $60.00 and installed it yesterday. Im back up and running normally. Took her out for a nice wash after. She looks so nice. Yes. Theres alot of details missing. How did I do this, how did I do that. Whats important to note here is that the hardest part was just figuring out how to get to the motor. Once I had verified the scanner diagnostic was good with the meter, and once I figured out how to get to the motor, it took me about an hour and a half to finish the whole repair. It really wasnt that bad. I have definitely learned a heck of a lot about our top from this. I have had some really great people give me the information to figure this out. Having a scanner that could diagnose the top was the most important first step though. As I wrote in a different post, "Why you should own a personal code reader" I wouldn't have known where to start without it. Have a great day everyone. Paul
  12. Hi , could someone help please just got my 2018 LC500 love the car but already looking at after market exhaust options - TOM's / ARMYTRIX both seem to have a few things that are putting me off . My question is can you make the LC500 exhaust always in the sports + setting ie valves always open in whatever mode ?? I think that would be a good compromise is there a way of permenantly opening the valves ?? Happy to disconnect a cable or something but not very technical so your help apprciated . Thanks Les
  13. Can you add some attachments in form of photos? that will describe it better.
  14. i really think some photos of the car will help you sell it faster. People always want to see what they are paying for.
  15. How much will it cost me to upgrade my 2015 Lexus RX350 to the 2018 model bodykit. I really love the 2018 Body kit.
  16. You have to meet a very good mechanic. He will guide you through. He will also show you different exhausts available and you can select from the available list.
  17. I love cool lightings. I will be purchasing one for my Lexus soon.
  18. I'm looking for roof rails for my 2011 RX 450h. It didn't come with any. I've searched online for months and they are very expensive new. If anyone wants to sell theirs, please contact me.
  19. Lexuses350, This is just an educated guess, but I don't believe in coincidences. You pulled the fan relay and reinserted it ... and then your HVAC issues popped up? I'd go back into the fuse box (with the ignition off of course) and pull the HVAC relay and any associated fuses and check them out. Its possible that you have the same issue as with the fans, or they were next door and you displaced its relay? Note that many on board relays are exactly the same (number/color) and you can swap them out back and forth in the fuse box to determine which one is bad or good. Good Luck!
  20. Kellz247, Check the exhaust system for leaks, use a catalytic converter cleaner to remove deposits, fix or replace a possibly damaged oxygen sensor, or replace the catalytic converter, are all possible fixes that any good independent mechanic can diagnose and correct, usually a lot cheaper than your Lexus dealership.
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  22. Hey I have an old Lexus is250 .... and I’m having problems with the power being drained from it in just a matter of 24 hours ?! ... I need solutions ...there’s mod I’ve dine to the car ... whole middle console is after market ..mirror belongs to a 2013 Lexus is250 ...and I also added mid pipes and an after market filter intake system .... I’m thinking it’s the mirror and the middle console ... but ...I unplugged the mirror and it still drains the battery.... what can I do to counter this or fix it ?! Also’s a new tested battery and I changed out the alternator battery too all been tested already
  23. I got my car scanned and it was diagnosed to pop up p0420 code. Does it mean my oxygen sensor (which of the sensors) is bad or the catalyst converter is bad?
  24. I guess I should add what I consider the greatest advantage of synthetic oil is that it does allow you to stretch your oil change interval. I have always used 5000 miles as the minimum oil change interval versus 3000 miles for dino. Blends are that kind of in between. But if the miles get away from you and you aren't a stickler about your oil change intervals, then synthetic gives you a little breathing room until you have time to get it changed. Just my humble opinion of course. LOL. Paul.
  25. Ahh the great motor oil debate. Nothing starts a good fight between motor heads than talking about motor oil. In my humble opinion, there is no best because the type of motor oil you should use for your vehicle but the one that is spelled on in the owners manual. The only major contributing factor being the type of driving you do which changes the interval that you change your oil. There is nothing wrong with either the dino or synthetic types as long as you change it at the suggested interval. And even the cheapest Walmart brand of synthetic oil will exceed the manufacters recommendation of oil type. Of course, if you overheat your motor, immediate change is recommended regardless of the type of oil you use. Now oil filters can be a factor because not all oil filters are made the same. YouTube has some really good videos by people who cut open new and used filters to show the quality of material in each filter. You should check some out and make your own determination. But here's a bit of advice. If you haven't used synthetic oil for basically the life of your vehicle and just used dyno oil, the synthetic WILL clean out all the crud and sludge and its just about a guarantee that you will soon start to develop oil leaks. Just saying. Have a great day everyone. Paul
  26. Recently, I saw people's exhaust smoking and releasing some bad fumes that us harmful to health and the environment. I always feel bad when I see those fumes. How can I maintain my car to avert such occurance. Thanks.
  27. Hello, I’m new to Lexus. We have a friend who is relocating and is selling her 2011 GS350 2WD. 63,000 miles. Based on the VIN it has the “Luxury Value Edition” option. When you do a price evaluation on KBB or Edmunds it checks all the options boxes. Looking at $13,500. It is in impeccable condition with the exception of a minor repair needed to the front bumper. All routine maintenance has been done by local Lexus dealer. No additional repairs have been needed So far, so good. Are there any things I need to know/investigate before I buy this car next month? Thank you for you insights!
  28. I have a 2007 IS250 and use nothing but Royal Purple High Mileage 5W30...And whatever filter I choose....
  29. Hello all, Just bought a 2006 Lexus LS 430 with 94k miles and have some questions. So far I enjoy the car and read many articles, watched many videos and talked to my mechanic and all have said this is a great car. I’m sure I will enjoy it more after I get over the anxious of buying an older vehicle. I have a couple of questions: 1. When I hit about 65 mph the wind noise can be quite loud. Is this common? Is there a way to reduce it? Otherwise under 60-65 it is quite 2. Is there a way to change out the stereo? I don’t need anything fancy, just an aux chord and Bluetooth connectivity would be nice. Looking on crutchfield and it says not recommended to change out the stereo 3. Are there any concerns or issues I need to be aware that are common? Timing belt and water pump have been changed, new front brake pads. 4. The low tire pressure light stays on after adding air and reset, comes on within a day? Common in my older car Thank you all for your help
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