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  2. Well. This was a very old post from about 6 months ago now. We figured out we required TechStream and a Toyota OBDII cable both which were purchased online. We were able to program the keys to start the car, but not the remote functions.
  3. I've been told that you must have any replacement key programmed by a dealer or mechanic who has the special electronic tool used to set preferences, etc. Good luck!
  4. I changed the fuel pump because it was not reading correctly on gauge. Now I am smelling fuel when I turn off car. I changed the Fuel Tubing that goes down to tank. Someone told me the Evap system, but where to start? Any ideas?
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  6. This is an amazing build!! Where are you located? I'd love to see it in person!
  7. If you are having to top up the coolant on a frequent basis then I would imagine it is doing on of about three things. Burning coolant - you would notice white smoke (steam) coming from your exhaust on a constant basis (e.g. not when cold as this would be the cat working on open loop)....this could be the headgasket or cylinder liner cracked Losing coolant - you would notice a leak on the floor or inside the driver footwell. Also check the engine oil is not mixing with coolant (mayonaisse looking substance).....heater matrix or hose, etc Coolant pressure cap on the coolant reservoir is defective and the coolant pressure is not being maintained.....this is the first one I would check and also the cheapest.
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  9. I've looked, and looked... can't seem to find out what the "DSP" does on the stereo display. ('08 ES 350) The manual I have shows a lower model of stereo, instead of the one in the car. Any help?
  10. My 2011 red LS 460 with 20,000 miles has drip tape coming off on both sides and dealership agreed to split the cost 50/50 I am considering just removing painted tape and leave the Crome strips showing, because I live in Fort Myers with 12 months of summer heat Quality not befitting a $70,000 car
  11. Does this apply to 2011 Lexus ES 350 also? Thanks
  12. I have a trac light on as well on my Lexus SC 400 1992 I checked the O2 sensors not the problem but it only comes on as soon as I start driving ABS light is off do anyone know the answer to it please reply
  13. Okay awesome, that's what I thought. It was owned by an older gentleman before. I couldn't imagine him putting aftermarket wheels on it. Anyway, one of the wheels has a small air leak so I'm just going to buy the matching wheels off Craigslist. I wanted to keep the car mostly original which is the reason I was wondering about the hubcap but I'm not worried about it if these aren't the original wheels. Thank you for your help!
  14. No, they are not original wheels. The 1997 LS400 Coach Edition came with wheels that looked like the standard wheels on the 1998-2000 LS400 although I think the finish was different - see the attached photo of a 1997 LS400 Coach Edition. Finding replacement hub caps / wheel centers for aftermarket wheels can be difficult to impossible since an aftermarket wheel style might be sold for only a limited time. Have you looked on the back side of one of the wheels to see if there is anything about who made them?
  15. Curious if anyone recognizes these wheels as stock? They are on my 1997 LS400 Coach I just purchased and I can't find a replacement hubcap.
  16. Dear Trevor, Sorry it took so long to reply. I missed the notification that you had responded. There definitely is some difference in the two radiator systems. In fact, I have to add water every 6 months, to the 01 Lexus ES300, but I have never had to add any water to the 98 Lexus ES300. JC
  17. My rear main oil seal and transmission/transfer case input seal went out on the way back from my last trip. The oil leak was really bad but some blue devil rear main oil sealer did the trick in about 50 miles. The tranny fluid is getting worse and need to try some blue devil there. It is killing me that this might be the job that replaces my RX300, two stupid seals that would probably take me a few days to do. I have another trip coming up in a month and have started looking at a lower price GX470 as a replacement. The extra tow capacity and a V8 will is a must upgrade if we get a bigger boat in the next year or two, besides it is a true 4x4. It is essentially a land cruiser on a 4runner foundation and you can get them used for much less than a 4 runner which is amazing. If I decide to fix my RX I will be back, if I sell it I will probably head over the GX side.
  18. If you've rotated the tires (both from the rear to the front), the balancing and tire bulges is probably not an issue. I'd start from checking the undercarriage (is everything OK with your rear chassis) and re-aligning the wheels. may also want to check on or with a dealer if you car (identifiable by the VIN number) has any open TSB (technical service bulletins)...
  19. New Head fixed the CD player but rear speakers still muffled. It turns out my daughters car and the loaner I was given while mine was fixed have the same issue so it is not a LX issue or Head unit issue. I am waiting to hear from the Lexus tech rep on what is the issue. More to come hopefully.
  20. When the starter goes out, do the vsc light come on
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  22. Well, I'm thoroughly confused now. Brakes should not cause an imbalance problem. If it's my RX300, it's headed back to the shop that did the balancing. The worst that will happen is the tires will actually be in balance and then you can begin to look elsewhere. Chances are if it's a good shop they will have seen a lot of unusual stuff in the past and may be able to point you in the right direction. Again, good luck.
  23. At each window switch lower to 1/2 then immediately raise all the way up and hold up on the window switch for at least 1-second. Repeat on all 4 doors. This should resolve the issue.
  24. Something that just crossed my mind, is it plausible that the brakes are intermittently dragging a bit? I've noticed it happens after stop and go traffic. i forgot to mention, it's not consistent. Sometimes it's nice and smooth, and sometimes it bounces around for a while.
  25. I don't believe its balancing, when I got it balanced the steering wheel shaking was fixed, that's all good now. I just got it aligned a couple days ago, and then rotated my tires. (Problem persisted). If it was balance, wouldn't the back wheels, which are now in the front, cause the steering to shake again? Thank you for your response, I don't mean to argue.
  26. The first order of business is to take it back to whoever did the balancing and tell them they missed it. Badly. Ask them to also evaluate for road force issues (out of round) and possibly a bent wheel. It might be something as simple as a weight they put on has come off. I had that happen to my 2000 RX300 on one occasion. Those allow wheels sometimes won't let a perimeter weight seat properly and the can pop off. Regardless, a trip back to the balancing shop is the first thing to do. Good luck.
  27. Hello! First post on this forum, nice to meet you all. 🙂 I've noticed a sort of vibration in the back end of the car, at 50+mph. This happens in particular after sitting in stop&go traffic, or city driving. I've had the car aligned, balanced and rotated the tires. (Not specifically for this, we bought it from a guy who had whacked a lot of curbs, finally got around to the alignment. Balance was for the shaking steering wheel (really bad) at speed. Anyways, I'm kind of confused as to what is causing the shaking and I would be appreciative of any help that could be offered. I'd just like to note, it doesn't feel overly dangerous or anything, I'm just a bit nervous that it's going to get worse. Many thanks!
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