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  2. Hi! My ls400 from 95 has since yesterday a problem that i cant seem to fix. The air suspension at the back keeps pumping to maximum which makes it almost impossible to drive since its so bumpy, also it now has a big power loss. I already looked at the sensors and everything looks fine to me. I tried putting it in high and low again but it doesnt help at all 😕 Any solution or source of the defect would help a lot so please help me out here thank you!
  3. That's quite a vague question. You might be more specific about your phone type and which settings button you are referring to.
  4. The raise/lower motor is tucked in the drivers side trunk bracket/fender--I would remove the covers and inspect the mechanism and see if you can see anything obvious.
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  6. Hello, I thought I would ask in here as apposed to a new thread. My problem is when I hit the trunk release button, it opens like a champ. WHen it gets to the top (fully in opened position), it comes crashing down with no brakes...hard and fast as gravity can bring it down. Any thoughts?? Thanks kindly,
  7. Since I didn't get any responses from the forum … I figured it out myself. If anyone ever needs to access the antenna motor on LX470, put a post-up and I'll provide you the "how to." It's a little bit of work, but if I can do it, anyone can.
  8. Lexus will mark another significant advance in automotive lighting technology with the world-first introduction of a BladeScan-type adaptive headlight system on the new RX luxury SUV BladeScan gives both an extended field of forward illumination and more accurate lighting control to support safer driving at night and in poor weather. The new system sustains Lexus’s fine reputation for technical innovation: it was the first car manufacturer to introduce LED headlights, on its LS flagship model in 2007, and the first to produce adaptive high-beam headlights, again initially for the LS, in 2012. The current RX already benefits from automatic or adaptive high-beam LED lighting as part of the Lexus Safety System+ package of active safety features, to maximise headlight illumination without the risk of dazzling other road users. BladeScan goes further by providing more precise photometric control of the area of illumination in front of the car, with accuracy to within 0.7 degrees compared to around 1.7 degrees for the current technology. This means it can light up areas that would be difficult to see with a conventional high-beam system, such as the road margins, and give earlier illumination of road signs and pedestrians. With BladeScan, pedestrian recognition at night has been improved to 56 metres in front of the RX, compared to 32 metres with the current system. lexusrx-bladescan-edit-eu-838619.mp4 While other manufacturers have increased the number of LEDs in their headlight systems to improve lighting resolution, Lexus’s system uses a more cost-effective array of LEDs – 10 on each side of the vehicle in the case of the new RX. These are contained in a compact module located in the front corner of each headlamp, alongside the familiar triple-eye light arrangement. Rather than shining light forwards, the LEDs in each BladeScan module cast light diagonally across two blade-shaped mirrors that rotate at high speed. The precise synchronisation of the mirror rotation and the switching on and off of the LEDs creates the shading effect; the light is then reflected into a lens which casts the beam on to the road ahead, without the risk of dazzling oncoming traffic or drivers of vehicles ahead. BladeScan will be available on the new RX from launch later this year. Details of the UK model range, specifications and prices will be announced nearer the car’s on-sale date.
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  10. Anybody know why settings button is grayed out on my telephone screen?
  11. ARRRHHH! Knew I couldn't get so lucky. 02 430. My antenna cable broke off inside too. The AM plus DISC trick (see above) works though. But since my mast cable is broken, I had to remove and take apart the power antenna to get the remaining broken cable out. Sticky, black, waterproof gunk around the seal gets everywhere. Got the old mast cable out and reassembled the power antenna without installing the new mast because that is basically impossible to do since the gear inside cannot be turn by hand. Now, when I turn my key back to lock, the antenna mast retracts but the motor doesn't stop so it just sits there and grinds for about 15 seconds once the Antenna mast hits the bottom. (Seems like forever.) When it does finally stop, I turn on the key again normally without using the mast hyper-extension trick and it extends normally. It just wont retract normally. Probably a limit switch in there that isn't turning off when it should. Checked Lexus Parts and Ebay. The cheapest OEM Power Antenna replacement is like $390.00. Lexus parts are over $420.00. Talk about bumbed right now. I know there must be something I am missing. Lesson learned here is that if you just toast your antenna at the car wash, you might be OK with just replacing the mast without all of the rear trunk disassembly, etc. Otherwise, if you have Lexus do it, you are probably looking at about $800.00+ if they say that they have to replace the entire Power Antenna. If I figure out why it is not stopping at the bottom of travel, I'll update this post. Paul
  12. Well Peggy. I know this has been sitting here for a long time now and I'm not going to be much help because the Owners Manual just states to take in for repair. I have an 02 that JUST started flagging this. These are "my" symptoms. My VSC (Vehicle Skid Control) clears when I turn the car off. Then when I start the car it remains off "until" I put it in gear and actually start rolling. If Im in gear but sitting stationary with the brake on, it doesn't light up on the dash. But the second the car starts rolling, it comes on. I cleared a DTC C=1336 code which equates to a "Zero Point Calibration of Deceleration Sensor Undone." Since it just came on within the last 24 hours, I have not had a chance to delve deeper on this issue. Like I said, not much help but if you have any info it would be great to hear back. Good Luck. Paul
  13. It should be under the drivers side dash. It possibly has a black cover that you just pull down on. I have an 02 and mine is located in front of my left knee. The connector itself is rectangular in shape. You can do a quick search on OBDII connectors and their should be a gazzilion photos out there to narrow down quickly exactly what you are looking for. You can usually take your car to any auto supply store and they will put a scanner on it for free just to be helpful (and hopefully sell you a part) Hope this helps. Paul
  14. NOT SPAM I have a set from "Lift Support Depot.Com", P/N PM3808-PR on my 02. Looks like those are discontinued now. But they do have two other P/N's for the trunk. It shows one for a trunk w Spoiler and one without spoiler. They also list Hood Struts. Seem to be reasonably priced too. Check their website out at Good luck. Paul
  15. Had the same problem. Clean with off bug spray then follow with w-d 40. It worked great on the condensation on my headlights.
  16. I've used a variety of these kits. I think the best and "safest" one to use is the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit which does not require using power tools. If you use this kit I would caution you to go beyond the instructions. Mask all areas around and below the headlights so that you don't get the chemicals on anything except the headlight lenses. Do the work inside in a dust free environment preferably between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't drive the vehicle or remove it from the inside environment for at 24 hours. The final clear coat takes longer to dry if the humidity is dry. Resist the urge to touch the lens to see if it has dried! None of these restoration kits provide permanent results. Although the results of the Sylvania kit has lasted longer than the others, plan on repeating the process after around two years or sooner if you drive in harsh conditions where there is blowing fine road debris. Lenses can be restored over and over. Here is a link to an ad for the kit: It's available on Amazon for around $20 and at some auto parts stores.
  17. Try this: Raise the roof halfway to a vertical position. Look for a rubber bumper near the upper end. Turn the bumper counterclockwise about 1/2 - 3/4 turn. Close the roof. Rattle should be gone.. There was a topic about this a couple of years ago. That's how I fixed my rattle.
  18. Stitch 52 Do you know what the mechanic did to silence your top. If so let us know so we can give that info to our mechanic
  19. Is anyone aware of where I can get reasonably priced ( new or used) for my 1996 SC300? I am trying to build a second 300, and the parts are either impossible to find, or more money than they are worth. I am not picky on oem stuff
  20. Hi, I've been reading these posts on cleaning headlight lens with 3m restoration kit... looked online, there seems to be several kinds. Which are you using? Tks
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