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Newbie To Buy Ls400


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Hello, MLD here. My wife has a '00 RX300. She remainsl very happy with the decision to get the RX. I have been wanting an LS400 for quite some time (I don't care much for the 430 body style). I am considering a '99 or'00. A few questions:

What is your opinion about buying thru the Lexus CPO plan? For example, is the (extended) warranty generally worth the premium over what I could pay thru an auction?

Consumer Reports latest chart for reliability on the LS400, based on owner responses, indicates that the LS400 had the highest possible score in all years except for 2000. For 2000, it received the second highest score. Does anyone have direct or indirect knowledge supporting or refuting this result?

The only options that I must have are (i) moonroof, and (ii) 6 CD player. I would like to have (iii) heated seats, and (iv) HID(?) headlights. Are there other options that you believe are important. If yes, why? Sound system is not important to me. But, what about the navigation system for example?

I have decided to buy only blue exterior. There are 3 blue ones with low mileage (22k to 36k) in the Lexus CPO plan in the DC area. I am considering negotiating over the phone, flying to DC, and then driving the vehicle home (about 600 miles).

I tend to keep cars for quite awhile. Consequently, resale value is not importatnt to me.

B) Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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The LS400 is a fantastic car you will LOVE it. My father has a 98 (same as 99 or 00) and its what originally drew me to Lexus. I had a very hard time deciding between the LS400 99 or 00 CPO or the 03 ES. I finally got the ES because I had to lease for tax reasons, and the lease on the used LS didnt work out. Its a fantastic car, one of if not the best on the road. My dad's has 140,000 miles and its like brand new. They run forever, especially if you treat them well.

The CPO is great, the warranty is almost as good (if you get low mileage, it can be better) as the new car warranty. Its three years from your purchase of the car, or 100,000 total vehicle miles. They do a very comprehensive inspection, repaint any damage, do a full detail and replace the tires. Its the closest you can get to new. You do pay a price premium for it, but I'd go for it.

You're in luck because all 99s and 00s have the moonroof, the VSC, 6 disc changer and the HID lights, Lexus didnt make them any other way. The navigation system is nice, but its not as sophisticated as the new Lexus system, very costly to upgrade the maps because its a hard drive that must be replaced at a cost of almost $500 when the maps get outdated, and its rare driving up the price.

I live in the DC area, and I've seen probably all those blue LSs (I pop into the Lexus dealers often to see whats new and in) I'm going to PM you about one car in particular that I think you'll love.

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