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Aluminum Rear Sway Bar End Links (04-09 All Models)

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After swapping on the beefy front sway bar from a 2010-2015 RX350 and upgrading to thick 2007-2009 ES350 end links up front, I wanted to prepare the rear for a custom larger rear sway bar as well.  The stock rear end links are the final suspension component on the entire car I haven't changed, and they're dinky and clunking so it's time for an upgrade!  Some quick measurements yielded that the stock end links have 237mm of space between the two joints and have an M10x1.25 stud.  I spent way too much time searching and found that the 2000-2011 Ford Focus has some nice alloy end links that are the same 237mm length and also have an M10 stud!  Time to put them on!  I used the Delphi TC2022 links on my 2008, but there are multiple options to choose from.



-Half the weight (0.38 lbs vs 0.70 lbs ea)

-Beefier (13mm body vs 10mm)

-More threads to allow for a thicker sway bar

-Included 15mm welded nut (Like a Moog) for easier removal and installation, PLUS an allen key like stock

-Maintenance free and sealed well (Unlike a Moog)

-REALLY strong and stiff compared to stock! (It was designed for a front sway bar off another car)










Fit like a charm! No more clunks and now I'm ready for that beefier sway bar when the time comes, plus these things look really darn cool!

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Yep!  Hence the bigger brakes as well, etc.  Before the track day, there's an autocross event I will likely be taking it to next week.  The sway bars made a massive improvement on my '02 Highlander so I wanted to follow the same route on my RX.  Unlike the Highlander,  my RX is a lot more tame and comfy compared to it, but still very capable for an old SUV.  I really like the neutral handling they provide as well as a drop in body roll.  I can get some great lift-off oversteer if I need it and the -1.75 of camber up front makes the turn in awesome.  The RX is dialed back a little with -1 only. It's so hard to believe how it used to be stock compared to now.  The beefier parts from the newer RX350s really can be felt on the older, lighter/smaller RXs / HL.  We have a 2014 RX350 F-Sport as well and it is a dog compared to the 08 RX350, while still managing to be less comfortable over bumps.

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