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Ive been in the market for a car for awhile now. I was days away from buying a 2003 srt-4 but backed out because $20k in debt would strap me down so tight (still in college) that I couldnt have any fun modding the car.

Someone told me to check out the SC300 and dropping in the Supra TT engine. After a couple hours of research Im really leaning this direction! I really want a nice classy car, BUT I need a fast car. Sounds like the SC300 is exactly what Ive been looking for.


Could someone list out the different engine abbreviations I see mentioned on this forum? I dont understand which engines people are talking about dropping in.

I was told that I should look for a '92-'98 SC300. I dont know anything about the options or specs of different models (ie. 6 cyl, 8 cyl). Since im planning on doing the engine swap Im sure I shouldnt pay for the nicer engine, but I dont want to lose any of the luxury options.

Where should I look? What should I look for? (Would like to spend $6-8k on the car before modding)

Do you think with the help of a knowledgeble friend and a well equipped garage we could handle this swap ourselves? Using http://www.fly-hawaii.com/lexustt/ as a guide?

Or should I just save for http://www.powerhouseRacing.com to do it for me?

I really appreciate the help.


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I think that I can find an early 90's SC with 100k in good shape for about $8k. I know that I can do the swap for less than $10k and thats with someone else doing the work AND with the jap spec engine. That would make it less than the srt. Not to mention quite a bit faster and a classier car in general.

Would anyone like to help me out with my questions?

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If you have that cash on hand then ok. But for a college student it will be hard to finance something like this in a timely manner. That is what I was getting at. I have heard good things about Phil's book. There is information in the faq as well. But for the price of the swap a comparable na-t job can be done that yeilds much more power. That would be the goal of the swap right? The SC is a great car alone with out boost, but with boost it becomes a super car of sorts. I couldn't imaging maintaining a vehicle like that while trying to go through college. If you can then great.

There is 1 engine that would be worth dropping. The 2JZ-GTE the 3.0 MKIV supra TT motor. The japanes soarer 2.5gt has a 1jz-gte 2.5L TT. The supra motor is sequential operation on the turbos while the soarer is parallel. A usdm 2jz-gte is going to be easier to source parts and upgrade components for. The JDM counterpart is going to be more difficult. What engine codes are you referring to specifically? With enough know how you could put a leigenfelter motor in there if you wanted.

The best model is the 1995 model year 5 speed SC. It has a tranny tunnel that will accomodate the getrag 6 speed. Custom shafts and the like are involved. Manual trannies were available from 92 to 97 in the SC300. There is not point to buy a SC400 if you are going to pull it. the 300 is the 3.0 inline 6 and the 400 is a 4.0 V8.

Standard rules for buying a used car apply. Look for a SC300 in good condition. A higher mileage one is going to have more wear - bushings, mounts, hinges, paint, undercarriage, etc. If you are pulling the GE motor out then miles may not be as critical, but you still need to consider the rolling frame. A good shape 92 might be had for 6.000$ as some claim but it's unlikely IMO. Find your SC on autotrader, forums classifieds - etc.

Of course - help is good - and if you know what you're doing then you got it in the bag. Previous experience is going to help the most. You will need a lot of stuff that is not planned on.

Q) This all seems like too much work, why shouldn't I just get a 2JZ-GTE motor and tranny and "slap that in" ??

A) If you think going NA->T is a lot of work, then I wouldn't suggest trying a 2JZ-GTE swap.  A lot of people have spent just as much money doing a 2JZ-GTE swap and have yielded less horsepower.  If this is the route you choose to go, it can most certainly be done, but you will need to do some further research and be sure this is what you want to do before you start.

A little write from the experienced

A GTE swap into an SC is a sweet idea. I'm not trying to rain on a parade - but this is no picinic for the wrench or pocketbook. Best of luck.

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Thanks man, and I understand what you are saying. The reason this is feasible for me as a college student is that I only have one year left in school. That means I buy the car, work to pay it off over the next year, then graduate. I start making salary and turning my nice little luxury car into a monster.


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