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Trunk Won't Open - Emergency Access


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I found this very helpful recently on my ES300 when I could not open the trunk with the button.  I also checked the button in the glove compartment and it was not the cause.


This is for a different Lexus but they all have the valet lock button in the same place (check this as well)



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When my trunk malfunctioned the car was being used by an older family member who did not read good English nor have the best sight so telling them it was in the manual was not too helpful.  I sent this video to him and it helped him get the trunk open, which needed to be open ASAP since it had groceries.  Later, when I saw it in the manual I wasn't exactly sure what was being shown so it was easier for me to follow a video than the manual.  Personally, I have a hard time following things when I read them, especially instructions, if I can follow along a video it helps understand what is in the manual. Thanks a bunch for the reply! 

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