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intermittent metallic click at low speed


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My 2002 es300, 121k miles, vehicle is running smooth no noticeable vibrations, no oil leaks or consumption. transmission fluid is also at level.

 lately when i go over potholes i hear some metallic sound intermittently. At higher speed i don't hear it. I can't figure out where the noise is coming from - front, back bottom etc.

So far this is what I tested: nothing lose in the trunk, swaybar links has no play, no leaks from struts. I do notice some play at the upper engine mount (12363-20120), and do see that rubber spacer around it is wearing out. i also noticed that if brake and put car in drive engine moves a bit. Is that normal? Is mount is bad? shouldn't I get vibration at steering wheel? How to know its engine mount and not transmission mount or am i missing something? 

is it fairly easy to replace engine mount?




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Here's a post that contains a few possibilities:

Metallic Noise When Going Over Speed Bumps / Potholes - Brakes & Suspension - Lexus Owners Club

The engine appears to be rotating more than it should, so worn motor mount(s) is a possibility.

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  • Lexus Owners Club changed the title to intermittent metallic click at low speed

Thanks for reply, I did take look at the bottom..not sure where is heat shield..:-( does 2002 es300 has one? however I did see that couple of bolts missing..or looked that way. are there supposed to be bolts?? Pictures attached 

Appreciate your help





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