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#6 Cylinder 0 compression

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Hi All

Maybe someone out there can help... I've owned my SC300 since Jan. of this year with only 120k mile on it.  I've been working on it mostly interior/door panels and driving seldom. Last week went to start and it barely wanted to idle so brought it into my mechanic.  He found # 6 cylinder to have 0 compression while all others 140-150??  The plugs were original which I would have never expected as it never really misfired on me but drove it maybe 100 miles.  Not sure if I should have him do a valve job or sell it as is?  Valve job would run $2500 minimum now with prices(I'm in S.California) Anyone who can shed light on this please do


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Hello, Dave. Here is my advice:

1. Find out how much the car is worth if is running perfectly.

2. If the total repair cost is 50% or more of its value, then sell the car as-is.

3. If your car is worth more than $5000, then get it fixed.

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