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About To Take Delivery


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Hi, found this group by accident and seems like I stumbled across it in time. About to take delivery of a new ES300 in 36 hrs.

Has DVD Nav. (not the Levinson sound sys), rear sunshade, xenon lamps. Dealer almost gave Nav. away so couldn't pass it up. But don't need 7 CD slots (1 behind screen and six in arm rest). Frankly would rather give up 6 in arm rest and reclaim the space since I can pop em in and out of dash every 70mins or so. No big deal.

Anyone know if it's easy to reclaim the center console space and just remove the 6 cd changer? Directions appreciated. And what's the DVD's gonna cost when I need to update?

Anyone have any advice and things i should worry about or demand from dealer before i drive off?


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Its a fantastic car, you'll love it. The nav without the levinson is really a rare car, usually you cant get the nav or the levinson alone. As for the CD changer, it looks as if it would be fairly easy to remove, wouldn't know how to go about it myself but I'm 100% sure the Lexus dealer would remove it for you at no cost when you take delivery. As for the DVDs, you get two free upgrades, version 2003 and version 2004 (2002 is in it, 2003 isnt out yet) and after that they can be had for as little as $150 if you find the right deal on them. They'll discuss all of that at delivery with you. No need to demand anything from a Lexus dealer, delivery goes as smooth as is possible.

What color did you get?

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Thanks SW. Especially info on the free upgrades. Never was mentioned at delivery.

Took delivery today. It's white.

Now I read the manual and couldn't find the answer to this so maybe you can help?

How in the world do I stop the Caution screen on Nav. from appearing everytime I start the car? Feel like I'm agreeing to a legal agreement everytime to drive it. Major nuisance.

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The ES looks great in white. I would have gotten white, except I'm not a fan of the tan interior and my last car was white. I wanted something darker this time.

As for the caution screen, unfortunately there is no way to get rid of this. People have tried everything, rewiring the nav system, reburning the DVD disc to try and remove it, and nothing will work. Its put there to remove Lexus from liability, all GPS systems have a similar screen. Gotta live with it.

You get used to it ;) Did they take the CD changer out for you?

You're gonna love it. Mine is leased, but I'm thinking about buying it now because I want to hang onto it. The beauty of these cars really is the longevity. The interiors mold and get more comfortable with age like a pair of expensive shoes.

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I got my '03 last month and I love it as I'm sure you will too. Only one little minor annoyance is a slight rattling noise that comes from the right back door.

This happens when the weather outside is about 30 degrees or lower. I took the car back to the dealer and they told me there's a Service Bulletin issued for this problem. They have to take off the door panel and refasten the insulation. So if you hear that noise you now know what to do. :) I'll bring mine in at the first oil change to correct it. Good Luck with your new car.


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thanks everyone.

A very helpful group here.

Appreciate heads up about the noise in rear door. I'm in Florida so if its a low temp. thing, guess i won't have to worry about it.

Didn't ask them to remove the changer. Figured they wouldn't do it and the paperwork took 1.5 hrs. Just wanted to leave.

Have purchased Acura, Oldsmobile, Infiniti all in past five years, never saw so much paperwork in my life. Standard answer is "we have to do it". Alot of it was dealer specific, not state stuff so I'll have to give them some poor marks on the survey when it arrives. Dealer is JM Lexus in Margate, Fl. Besides the paperwork, all is fine. Even bought us lunch! Car is smooth as silk.

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you will be glad you didn't remove the cd changer. get a couple of extra cartridges. That way you can take along a jazz pac, club pac, classical pac, etc and never have to shuffle to a cd case.

try it, you will like the convenience.



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