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Road Sign Assist-Heads Up Display

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Question for Canadian RX 350 owners-do you see the road signs on the Heads Up Display? Just got a 2022 F-Sport 3 but noticed the speed limit signs on the infotainment touch screen-that's it. No Stop, or Yield signs as seen in YouTube videos

Wondering if this is a Canadian thing-as American RX appears to have them. I don't even see the RSA setting to begin with.


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The OM manual for the RX 350 is OMOE119U and can be downloaded from drivers.lexus.com.  

Your manual covers U.S and Canadian models and points out the differences where necessary

By downloading the soft copy and doing computer searches in the soft copy pdf file you can go directly to all references concerning RSA.

It's a lot easier to do than paging thru a thick manual and you don't miss section that can help you find your answer.

You can go to the top search window of the pdf and pull down the arrow and select "Exact Phrase" and then type in "Except Canada". It will show all pages that contain that phrase.  Now you become an expert on all differences between the two versions.  On the ES 300, I see  5 pages with exceptions so it's easy to read them all and become an expert.  Thanks to Lexus for getting those downloads available so quick. 

My ES 300h HUD does not show stop signs.  But shows the speed limit and exact speed side by side.

The download was the answer to all my questions.

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