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Brake Malfunction, Check ABS, Check VSC System, Check Brake System messages all come up on dash, traction control, ABS, BRAKE and 2 warning lights as well

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Hello, I just bought my 2007 Lexus LS460 on Wednesday, we test drove for about 20 minutes and decided it looked good. After I bought it, I drove for a while, and around 2 hours in, these 5 dash lights as well as messages all came up on my screen at the exact same time. I see that this is a common issue for my model LS, however about an hour later, all the lights turned off. About an hour after that, they came back on again. And since then, they have been turning on and off. My biggest concern is just to figure out what is causing this? And how much should I be expecting to pay in order to fix it? Like I had said before, they are consistently turning on and off, could that mean it's potentially a sensor which would be a smaller issue? I am pretty stressed out about the situation. The brakes feel perfectly fine and this makes me feel like it may just be a sensor? Underneath the "Check _____" message", there is another message that says "Stop the vehicle in a safe place immediately. Contact a dealer" Any help would be much appreciated.


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I would start with checking the ABS wheel sensors because if one of them is bad and sending a wrong signal on start up (e.g. resistance reading which could change with heat) 
It could be the fault is in the early stages hence coming on intermittently before it becomes more permanent

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