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Code light reset not working


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Using these instructions from a post here I think? Awhile back, my dash lights are not re-setting. Any insights? Tia 

code light reset ***


Found the solution written by Speedemon from Lexus Owners Club 



The problem is solved by putting a jumper on 2 pins in the OBD-II connector under the dash. I think a lot of owners have this problem especially after being scanned for code. Some scanners are not built the same-- that seems to be the explanation. Anyhow, here it is, with a little bit of modification as it suits the SC430.


1. Turn off ignition.

2. Look for the OBD-II connector under the dash, it has a black plastic cover which can be pulled out.

3. Using a 4-inch wire, insert ends on two pins (holes) of the OBD-II connector. Which ones? The connector has two rows of holes with pins inside. The connector's shape is basically rectangle but there's a little wedge shape to it. Like this:





(see picture below)C4BBC3F5-51AA-409F-B2AA-AED71A9E17DF.thumb.jpeg.013125ce9fb12ce545531e80db445682.jpeg

I will call the narrower side of the connector the top row, and the wider side to be the lower row. Jump the following pins:

a) on the top row, counting from the left, where the first pin is 1, insert on pin number 3

b) on the bottom row, counting from the left, insert on pin 

number 5.


4. Turn ON the ignition, do not start.

5. VSC and Check Engine lights turn ON. That's normal.

6. Wait for the VSC light to rapidly flash.

7. Turn OFF ignition.

8. Pull jumper wire out, cover the OBD-II connector.

9. Turn ignition ON, don't start, wait about 15 seconds to make sure everything has initialized.

10. Start car. Test drive. You've just saved yourself couple of thousand dollars.


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