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A/C not coming out vents every time

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So sometimes when I start the car 2012 RX 450h the A/C will not blow out of any the vents.  I can hear the air but can't feel it.  When I'm driving it will start to come out the dash vents that it's set on.  The garage I took it to said my battery was bad, but I just bought a new one 4 months ago.  Would replacing the blower motor do it.  Does anyone have any issues like this, I live in Las Vegas so driving without A/C for 10 minutes is not fun.  Any productive suggestions would be appreciated thank you. 

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You may have a Blender problem. Some early rx have 2 blenders one for controlling vents and one for controlling amount of heat to blend the cold air warmer. My modle (1999) has 2, located under glove box. Remove glove box and have a sm. flexible Philips screwdriver and small arms to replace.  You might see/test if control arm on cabel is activating blender functions Before removing either blender. Find your modle Instructions before anything but getting a Lexus mechinic,    Good luck.


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