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Wheel Suggestions

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I'm looking to upgrade the wheels (sorry, but 16s won't cut it) on my GS and was hoping some of you could share some advice. I'm looking for some chrome rims in 18" or 20", I can't decide. I've seen some other 93-97 GSs with 18s and they seem to fit perfect, but then I've also heard that 20s are the way to go on the GS. I'm also still debating a subtle drop, so I need to take that into consideration. However, after living with dropped Hondas, my days of annoying tire rubbing sounds are over. What's my best bet?

P.S. Am I correct in thinking the bolt pattern is 5-114.3?

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Its actually 5x114.3mm or 5x4.5" What year is your car? HRE 448R, 19x9 +37, 2" lip

19x10 +37, 3" lip would be perfect on a 1st gen GS. It really depends on your style. Are you looking for 5 spoke? mesh? dish? On the drop, I'd go Tein coilovers. Tein also offers the EDFC for comfort. The beauty is in the adjustability. HTH.


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Dont really know what your looking for, but I'm selling my 20s with tires for CHEAP. I have a '96 GS and I also have 1.75" intrax springs and KYB struts. IMHO, if you do anything more than a plus1 upgrade on your wheels, you should lower the car. If you mount 20" wheels and a Eibach suspension kit, the car will still ride pretty nice. I have attached a pic of my car, for reference.


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I have had a few different sets of wheels on my GS and i have found I.M.O. the perfect wheel. Look at this site. It is that of HRE Performacne wheels. No i do not work for them but i do have them on my car and i lover them. My model is the 543 in 19ince.


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I'm selling my 18 inch Alba Bertha Chrome rims with 225/40/18 tires. The rims and tires are only 5 months old with about 5,000 miles on them. They are in perfect condition with no dents, scratches, or blemishes on them. If interested please email me at vinhphan615@yahoo.com. i'm asking $1700 OBO. I bought these brand new for $2,200 from a local rim dealer.

Vinhphan615@yahoo.com email if interested

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