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Lx470 Mark Levinson Aux Input?


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Does anyone know if the LX470 with the Mark Levinson sound system has a aux input? And how would I access this?


The above is a link to the Mark Levinson web site. There do not appear to be an aux. input in the spec's.

>GX 470

Mark Levinson Speakers

View LX 470 Speaker Placement

11 speaker system, using custom transducers:

Two .75" titanium tweeters are located at the base of the A pillar.

Two 2.5" mid-high frequency drivers are located in the front doors.

Two 6.5" mid-woofer drivers are located in the front doors.

Two (2-way) speaker systems using 4" midrange drivers and .75" titanium tweeters (4 spkrs total) are located in the rear doors.

One 6.5" woofer with IVE is installed in the left rear quarter panel.

Mark Levinson Amplifier Processor

7 channel, 240 watt, continuous average power @ .01% THD, all channels driven, at 0.01% THD, 20 - 20,000Hz;

Digital Signal Processing (DSP);

Mark Levinson proprietary digital to analog conversion circuitry;

SHARC (Super HARvard Computer architecture) 24-bit floating DSP processor;

Discrete analog power amplifiers;

Extremely low distortion;

Automatic Sound Levelizer processing;

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I'm as curious as you. I own an apple i-pod which I would love to use in my truck. I'm sort of a neat-freak (I hate cords strung all over a dash/ center console), so I'd like to make it look as close to stock as possible. I'm toying with the idea of purchasing a 'y-piece' to connect between the dvd-changer and the system. Thus far, I have come to realize that I hate the FM transmitter option for the i-pod..... it's picky about location within the cab. I think today I may head to radio shack and see if they have any ideas. Perhaps something that would let me tap into the antenna coax cable. Any ideas would be hugely helpful.


Bret (BmonMD@aol.com)

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the antenna coax cable tap and fm transmitted are the same thing.arnt they? if there is a cd changer port on the back of the radio then the an adapter might work. i know the 98 to 2000 fujitsu made lx470 headunits didnt have a cd changer port but not sure of 2001 up ml units since they were made by pioneer. most lexus stereos have a propietary code that the headunit needs from an external source before it will accept the sound source. so far the aftermarket adaptor engineers(blitzsafe, peripheral , soundgate and pie) havent figured it out.

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I haven't found any AUX input, but, what I am using for my iPOD which works

quite well is a Cassette adapter (Radio Shack has them for about $10) and

the Belkin Car-Charger with 1/8" phone jack/volume control. This plugs into

the iPod Dock connector and charges it as well as extracting the audio. The

volume control on the cigarette lighter plug is independent of the iPOD volume

control which has no effect. Thus, you can adjust the level for the cassette

input on the charger, and, leave your iPOD volume where you want it for

your headphones. It's not ideal from a cable perspective (cord runs from

cigarette lighter port to ipod and from cigarette lighter plug to cassette-tape

like thing in cassette deck), but, otherwise, pretty clean and without the FM



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Any new thoughts on this one? Monster cigarrete lighter adapter is okay, but sometimes really sucks around town. Also, my LX didn't have the bluetooth cell phone option. Does anyone know if this can be altered, upgraded, or somehow allow for use of a Motorola Razr? Sorry, I know this is kinda off topic.

-Bret (BmonMD@aol.com)

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As far as I know, there is no aux input. And I don't have an answer on integrating your cell phone. However, a company called VAIS Technology has developed an adapter that uses the output for your cd player. The adapter lets you control your Ipod as well as cd player from the same input. There is also a model for plugging satellite radio into your cd input while retaining the use of the cd player. From what I've heard, it's the only adapter that offers full functionality of all components. It's expensive ($360) but a groupd of people over at the Prius websites have gotten together and had two group buys brigning the price down to approx $220 I think. I'm trying to hit a few websites to gauge interest in another group buy. You can check out at their website, just search VAIS and you should find it. You can also check out the prius websites for info on how their group buys went.


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I've been looking at the VAIS Tech solution and it looks pretty good. I've searched a lot for any info on an aux input on the Mark Levinson audio and not found a thing. However, the more I look at VAIS' solution, the more I don't care as it really seems to be the best integration I've seen for an Ipod anywhere.

I'm told by their sales rep that they have a new updated unit coming out in mid november, they will take preorders in the next week or two. The new unit is "more powerful" whatever that means.

I'd be interested in a group buy... How do those get set up?

:cheers: Liberius

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As far as I know, members are not allowed to start group buys, they have to be initiated by company representatives on this site. I've been told VAIS was in the process of sponsoring this site, but has not yet done so. I would assume they would have to sponsor the site, then pose an interest themselves into offering a group buy. The only way that I can see to get the ball rolling on our end would be to contact the company and request such action. Maybe if they get enough interest they will respond.

I've also been told by people in contact with the company that yes, there is a new edition coming out, and also that VAIS has enough work to carry them up to Christmas filling previous orders. But I'm willing to start emailing and asking about the new product soon, probably in November, if anyone wants to join me.

The contact person is:

Eugene Kaspin

VAIS Technology

phone: 720-733-2348

e-mail: info@vaistech.com

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I have a LX470 with the Nak indash 6 idsk CD player and this product will not work. I called VAIS Technology today and they say they are focusing on newer vechicles; 2004 and newer. Appartently the NAK unit has a unique switch that is different from the ML ...etc. units.

We may have to buy a $60K SUV to allow a $350 Ipod to work! What is wrong with this picture.

Lexus needs to get on the leading edges, all the high end car manufactures now provide and optional Ipod interface; BMW, Mercedes....etc. :(

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I have the Levinson system in my 2001 lx470 and installed a Parrot system. www.parrot.com. This is a bluetooth system for your phone and has hard wired integration for ipod. There are several different models depending on what you are looking for. I have spent a lot of time searching for a solution and this is the best one I have come across so far. Much better than the fm modulator. Will charge ipod, pause and turn it off/on with ignition as well.

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