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Poor tire mileage 2020 RX350 20” Bridgestones

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Dealer wants to sell me new tires already at only 37,000 miles. Tires rotated per schedule at dealership. Wondering what mileage others have received from their original 20” Bridgestone tires. My mileage is mostly Highway. If anyone has replaced their tires, looking for advice on replacement tires.

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My knowledge of tire wear is not specific to your vehicle and tire size but I will say that I've rarely gotten much more than 35,000 miles out of OEM tires. A service manager explained that OEM tires are designed to be quiet, not long-lasting. Certainly, highway mileage is easier on wear, especially with the front tires.

Consumer Reports lists many of tested all-season tires as having tread life that exceeds 55,000 miles, except for Ultra High Performance all-season tires. Those start at 45,000 and can reach 65,000 (General G-MAX AS-05 which is rated 3rd.

Michelin CrossClimate2 and Defender T+H tires have an estimated tread like of 85,000 miles
You really can't go wrong with Michelin tires but General and Continental also rank high in multiple categories. Neither have treadwear ratings higher than 75,000 miles.

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WelI, Dave, I was hoping for a set of Michelin tires on my 2022 ES, but heard I wasn't going to be real lucky.

They turned out to be Bridgestone Turanza EL440s - The absolute worst Dog-Chit tire ever put on a car.  

Tire Rank: 54th place out of 57 tires. 

Lexus - The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

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Les, I didn't see those tires in any of the all-season categories in my Consumer Reports' 2022 Annual Buying Guide.
Then again, I've never owned a vehicle on which top-rated tires were installed as OEM. We have Continental PureContact on the RX, Pirelli P Zeros on the Mazda 3, and Continental ExtremeContacts on the MX5.
The bottom of the barrel in the CR magazine includes Nitto and Falken tires.

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