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Bad Rectifier holder in Alternator/Generator

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So my "battery charging" indicator came on and stayed on. Removed the alternator (the service manual calls it a generator, whatever), stripped it down to the voltage regulator and rectifier. Did the continuity tests and the rectifier holder is pretty much bad. Only one terminal (of 4) actually has the correct continuity. So next question can I get a replacement? OK I have one more question, when I removed the alternator, did I really need to remove the adjusting bolt? Sure I took the pivot and adjusting lock bolt, but the Hayes manual just said loosen the adjusting bolt, whilst the Lexus repair manual said take all 3 out. That adjusting bolt is like a foot long and I reckon I didnt need to do it. 

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Ok just to be dense, what does a rectifier holder actually do. Im guessing it takes all the volts coming out of the generator and via diodes makes sure that its all positive (and the voltage regulator makes sure its 12v or near as dammit). 

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