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Stereo Technical Help.

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Dont know if this is helpfull but im finalizing my stero system project in the SC. Its sounding great, about 4,000 dollars later. But hear is some usefull tips, to avoid problems.

1. Front speaker openings are alittle bigger than 4 inch so YES u can fit a 5 1/4 in there but i dont recomend, i do recomend to get some type of foam or sponge to seal the speaker around because you will get poor sound quality outta the front.

2. as for the head unit i never found a plug dont know if there is one, i did it manually, BUT DO NOT BYE that plastic cover from the web site SCTUNNER i got it in and it SUXS. sorry for that bad ad but its not worth it it will not sit right after it is cut. so ur best bet will be to get a custom made one.

3. If you are installing amplifiers there is a whole already under the steering column for you all the way to the left there is a black rubber covering the whole, you will see some wires going through there it leads to under the hood all the way to the right upper part of the fender, (stick ur hand in there ull find it)

4. As for the rear deck i said i put 6 1/2 so yes it is possible with out cutting open the holes just use the factory brackets, all u have to do is re drill new holes, (watch for the tank)

5. if you are changing the rear sub, to another free air best bet is to dynamte the rear deck you get alot of rattling when you have a more powerfull sub back there, (i highly recomend the Pioneer free air its dounding great) and make sure it is sealed and no air leaks into the car the air should only be pusing into the trunk, ( installing this sub needs some customizing not a direct fit)

6. to pass wires to the trunk remove the rear seats and you have holes already in the upper corners.

This is the complete summary i did not encounter any other major problems, keep in mind the inner dimmensions of the SC are very small there is not enough cubic feet so there is no need to go over boared. keep it simple. Hope this helps :D

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