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2017 LS 460: HID low/high beam with LED fog lights/questions

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Hello, I have a 2017 LS 460 with HID low/high beams and LED fog lights. I’m sure the Lexus Engineers had a great reason to pair LED fog lights with HID low beams, but the color difference/kelvin between the HIDs and LEDs drives me crazy. I have a D4S Philips Extreme Vision Gen 2 bulb, which is rated at 4800 kelvin. I did not want to go too high in kelvin b/c I feel as though the higher the kelvin, the less light output on the road. I assume that the LED fog lights are approx 6000-6500 kelvin, so there is a color difference when both the low beams and fog lights are on. Not sure if this bothers anyone else? I prefer an amber color for the fog lights… cuts through rain, etc much better than the blueish LED color, in my opinion. 

Also, it would be great if the DRLs could be on with the fog lights only, but that is not an option from the factory set-up. The low beam needs to be on to activate the fog lights.

Lastly, my vehicle has two projector lenses for each light assembly. The inner lens is not functional; my research indicates that the inner lens is only there for filling in what would have been empty space. The outer lens functions as the low and high beam. Interesting that Lexus chose to do this for such a flagship vehicle.

Thank you,

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