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i have a 93 ls400 i had a starting problem that began when the temp was below 65

degrees, now the car will not start at all i dont know what the problem is it seems that it was the electrical so i replaced both coil packs that did not help so i replaced the fuel pump,filter, battery is charged checked fuses relatively new starter (5 months) please help it seems the fuel system is shutting down the electrical system and vice versa

i dont know whats wrong please help


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can't tell you exactly what's wrong with the car, but it could be a bad ignitor coil, or a bad temp sensor. You should also check out if there are any codes.

Have you tried jumping the car, and did the car start at all?

Perhaps you could get the opinion from the Lex dealer.

Sorry I can't help any further.

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I'm sure you aren't too happy about this. I would probably use my old inductive type timing light to see if the plugs were firing. Just clip it over all the wires and see if you are getting a spark. Nothing to disconnect or attach. If the light flashes, you have spark. I always do this since 90% of all problems are electrical in nature and not fuel.

I've never heard anyone mention about a fuel pump going out on an LS, and with the symtoms you described I doubt it is. When those puppies go, they go quickly.

Being rather cheap myself, I would dump in some dry gas and fuel system cleaner to make sure you don't have some water in the tank from some ----- gas station.

If you could decribe the symptoms leading up to the failure in a lot more detail, I'm sure someone here will have a better idea. Internet diagnosis is tough at best.


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