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Does My Guage Cluster Need To Be Replaced?

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all my guage needles on my cluster are all burnt out. The only one that's still on is the temp guage. How could i fix this? Would I have to get a new cluster? needles? or hopefully just batteries or fuses. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks! :huh:

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the frist gen Lexus' had needles that weren't made too well. the needles would sooner or later burn out. my ES300 ('93) uses the same needles, and i have everything burned out except the fuel needle. there is a company here in dallas that does needle replacement, but it is quite expensive. if you change the cluster to a used one and just change the mileage, the resale would be lower b/c of the mile change, and also the cluster may be liable to burn out again.

www.lexusdash.com is the company that does the needle conversion to cold cathodes. it is a really innovative idea, but it's quite pricey.


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