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Hi all. Duffyboy again :D. You might remember me with my brake issue. I still haven't taken it to the garage yet for the service I was talking about. But in advance of doing that, I have another question.

I'm wanting to tow a jet ski (approx 600lb.) to FL with me this year (Pittsburgh to Sarasota). My GF and I will also be loaded down with luggage, fishing equipment, coolers and everything else we can think of.

We're wondering about the towing capabilities of my 97 ES300 (57,000 miles which, after the 60,000 mile service will have all new belts, fluids, brakes ,etc.). Does anyone have suggestions on how to do it. We don't want to put a permanent tow-hitch on the back of the car and are worried that, although it has a pretty niffty 6-cyl. engine, we'll be sending it to its premature grave by straining it too much. Is what we're asking too much from this car?

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with you loading the car already

with people and other things

i would say rent a truck

as the es towing is like

asking a man to shovel snow in his driveway

wearing panties and a bra

he will get the job done

but not properly and may end up losing some bits along the way as well



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if your ES has a sunroof, all the more reason to NOT install an aftermarket trailer hitch or use a temporatary hitch. The presence of a sunroof means less structural integrity of the body.

Be safe, look into a rental. You don't want to get half way there and have the tranny overheat or something else crucial go on vacation too.


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