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Help Installing New Head Unit In 94 Ls400

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I'm the new owner of a 1994 LS400, it has the Pioneer (standard?) sound system, with in-dash cassette and 6-disc trunk mount changer.

I'd like to install my Kenwood eXcellon 811 CD unit, 2 x 12" Pheonix gold sub's and Kenwood X301 AMP, the subs are in a sealed box enclosure and the amp mounted to it... This setup was previously installed in my 1990 MB 560SEL. Now, I'm told by a couple of install shops, no 'trim' kit is available for new head unit installation, and something will have to be custom done to fit the kenwood in the large "factory" opening. :chairshot: Estimated $150+ for headunit mounting only

Plus additional $60-$75 for an AMP by-pass, plus $75 for subwoofer/amp install, plus wire kits, and parts. :pirate: :chairshot: :unsure: (plus another $250'ish if I want to add the MP3 10-disc cd-changer to this)

Now- the installer explained if I want to find a trim (head unit installation) kit, he'd install the head deck for $45 instead of $150, since he wont have to make anything.

After calling Crutchfield, they explained they do not offer a kit, Scoshe does not either, and Crutchfields said if I replace the headunit, the speaker setup will not sound as good with anything other than the factory head unit. :wacko: I have no plans to switch speakers (too expensive), just want more bass really.

Would I be better off just adding the sub setup to the factory radio, by removing the factory rear deck mounted sub, and replacing it with my 2 12 inch setup, or replacing the entire radio (less speakers)





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My vote's for simply adding some finely tuned subs in the back. Stock Lexus systems have always been exceptional, and there's really no need to switch out your head unit unless all those tiny buttons and flashy lights are worth the extra money. Save the cash and simply upgrade the speakers.

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Any suggestion on how? I wonder how hard it would be if I ran the power lead for the amp, then removed the factory sub and used it speaker feed as the source for my amp/subs?

Hmm... Does anyone know is that lead standard low level? or high level and needs to be converted to low lever using a converter?



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actually doing something similar and trying to find a little help myself. i like the factory head as it sounds pretty good. so i figured i'd ad a sub and amp with seperate control for the sub. got it all installed and it does the job pretty well. the down side as my installer and i have found out, the factory head automatically turns low end frequencies down as the volume increases to "save" the factory sub from blowing out. this of course sucks for my added sub as it can't really be used to it's full potential :angry:

any one have any ideas how to bypass this besides getting an after market deck???

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well, what are you looking for in your audio sys?lots of bass,rear fill?if you want rear fill just add a sub to the factory location...you will need to replace the factory amp for best sound but it will still sound like hammered !Removed!....the best sound we have achieved from your style lexus is removing the factory sub and building a custom box or in most cases just a prefabricated box and a new amp,and if you plan to keep the factory radio you will need a line out convertor or an amp with high level-in put...but for the best sound you need to replace the oem radio .......u will need to by-pass the factory amps if you go that rout....a company named american international makes dash kits for most lexus cars....u got a high dollar car so it will cost some$$$ to get work done to it,any work....

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And to add to the other guys question....ask you installer about adding a signal line driver it is a simple install and adds 1/3 to 2/3 more signal power to any audio sys with an amp....they start around $30.00 for a *(PAC) line driver and PAC is a great mobile audio accessorie...you can get others like audio bahn,kicker,audio controll,.,,but then ur gona spend a lil more then $30.00 in parts :D ...

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