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Dead battery issue

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As described in more detail in the attachment, I own a Lexus US250h, which I purchased in September 2020.  Since that time the battery has not started on three separate occasions (Oct. 2020, May 2021, and November 2020).  I have had to have the car jump-started each time, after which I drove it to the Lexus dealer and recited the problem, each time with more passion as I realized I was sold a defective car.  Each time Lexus ran certain diagnostic tests and declared the battery to be fine; most recently it did a leak detection analysis which showed nothing.  The Lexus position, despite the facts of three successive battery failures within 14 months of purchase, is that if the diagnostic tests do not show a problem, then the problem is the owner!  In the most recent visit the advice to me was to drive the car more (despite the fact that I had informed them that I drive the car daily, both in town and on the road) and/or to buy a "trickle charger," to which I responded I did not pay $40,000 for a car to be told I needed to purchase and use a battery charger.  The responsibility is Lexus's to provide a reliable car that starts each and every time the ignition button is pushed.  In short, the car is a classic lemon, and I have filed a complaint letter (see attached) to begin the process of getting relief.   I have been told that other UX owners are experiencing similar problems; if that is true, kindly share your stories. Thank you. 

Letter to Lexus re UX250h.docx

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I am having this same issue. I purchased mine in Feb 2021 and it wont start in Sept 2021 and had to be towed to Lexus. They replaced the battery.  Happened again today. Currently waiting for someone to come tow it to Lexus again. So frustrating.

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How often and how many miles do you drive per trip?  If your trips are not long enough, what you describe is not surprising.

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I have 2020 UX 250h and it has happened to be 3 times so far and every time i had to jumpstart or manually charge the 12v batter. This is ridiculous. Why lexus has not paid any attention to this problem?

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If the dealership cannot figure it out, take it to an Auto Electric Shop. They specialize in solving electrical issues that lead to battery drain.
Here's an example of one that is in my area:

Welcome to Pacific Auto Electric | Best Car Repair Shop | Poway

When dealerships are stumped, these guys always come through.

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Often times when parasitic drain is ruled out it turns out that it's a ground wire issue. Spotty connection at the contact point to the car or sometimes the wire itself at the connector. Being spotty, it shows up unexpectedly. 

Many expect a check engine light to light up but if it doesn't affect emissions the light does not light up.

When my brother kept complaining about his battery being dead at random times he eventually figured out he wasn't running the engine long enough to recharge the battery so after a few weeks his battery would not have enough juice to start the engine. He began driving on the interstate for 30 minutes at 3000+ rpm's once a week and the issue ceased. 

All of the computer stuff in the modern automobile takes a lot of power to run them. Combine that with alternators not much more  powerful than it takes to keep all of that stuff going and you end up having dead batteries at odd times because instead of recharging the battery in 15 minutes like before it now takes 30-45 to put back the juice it took to crank the engine. It takes a lot of electricity all at once to run the starter motor to crank the engine. 

Most "technicians" at dealerships anymore paint by numbers when it comes to fixing problems. If the book doesn't spell it out they are stumped. If the book left out a detail they have no clue. Oh, they'll charge you a fee and say they fixed it but many times they have not. It's sad that cars have gotten so complicated it takes a book with step by step instructions in order to make common repairs. A Lexus is a fancy Toyota, so you find a local repair shop that fixes numerous brands and you'll most likely get a correct diagnosis. 


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