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Struts Shocks And Bushings


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I have 217,000 kms. on my LS400 and the car is still tight and rattle free.

Bumps in the road are transmitted more harshly than I would like. The shocks/struts are not leaking, and manual check of rebound on each fender seems fine.

Has anybody experience with replacement of shocks/struts and suspension rubber bushes either with OEM parts or aftermarket

Thanks for the input



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Mbpgawest Writes:

"Hi Alan:

I have a '97 LS 400 and I'm looking at replacing my shocks/struts. I

would be interested to hear what you do and what the end results is. I

was just going to have the dealer take care of replacing them. I did a

service on my car this weekend and found that my fronts are leaking just

a bit.



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hello, ive just change both front and rear shock and struts for my 96LS400 with KYB GR2 , they are lot better than stock not to tight and not bouncy boaty or whatever term you might described, i have an extra full set of shock/strut for the front and rear for sale i had it listed on the buy and sell forum on this site am selling this for 335.00, this was to be installed for a friends 98 but he sold the car before i got to do it, this set of KYB is to fit 1995 to 2000 LS400 according to KYB catalog, PM me for questions you might have ill be glad to answer it BTW am located socal, thanks

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MBgawest Writes:

"Hi bicol:

Not sure why PM would not work for me. I returned your email. I'm in

So. Calif. also How hard was it to do the job? Did you have a manual?"


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I just purchased a 2000 LS400 from our local dealer. I had a '90 and stupidly sold it to a friend and am glad to be back in a Lexus.

The car I bought had 85K miles on it. I am used to high mile cars and usually doing my own work. The car rode great, but I noticed too much spring on bumps at high speed with a feeling of lack of control. Lexus went over the suspension and said everything looked good and tight, and that the shocks should go to 100K at least. That has not been my experience in heavier cars, and I had them replace the shocks with OEM. Fantastic difference.

Shocks wear gradually, and there is no real way to test them on the car. The bounce test is useless for anything but extremely worn shocks. I usually like to change them at 60K in any car - especially a heavier car like the LS400. Don't do it yourself unless you are SURE what you are doing, since the forces involved can kill or seriously injure you. Parts and labor, with 4wheel alignment was just under $1,000 at the dealer.

I prefer to always use OEM parts on a car that has been highly engineered unless I am sure that something else is better or as good for less. I couldn't be happier with the new ride that the OEM shocks provided. KYB and Bilstein are great products, but weren't any cheaper than OEM for this car.


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