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Of Cup Holders And Rear View Mirrors

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OK, I'm looking for suggestions and improvement ideas for my LX450 specifically regarding cup holders and the rear view mirror.

Regarding the cup holders, I've got one tiny holder attached to the center console between the console and the driver's seat, and then two cheesy fold-up ones mounted to the back of the center console above the CD player. The tiny one by the driver's seat is so small that it won't accommodate our toddler's sippy cup, and the back ones have both been broken by my toddler's inattentive car-seat climbing practices. In fact, just last night I took out the two fold-up ones and have a somewhat promising area to work with if I choose to mount something different. Any suggestions?

Regarding the rear view mirror, I just don't like being restricted to such a small area of view using the factory mirror. I've seen some of the aftermarket wide-angle novelty mirrors. Has anyone tried one of these? Have you found them to be useful or junk?

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I haven't made any mods to the rearview mirror. I know that others have replaced theirs with mirrors that display compass points (i.e. N,S,E,W).

You can get another cupholder from sleeoffroad. Cost is aprox. $53. I have one and use it all the time. Takes about 5 minutes to install and best of all, it's a factory fit.


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