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Time to Turbo the 2J

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Ok so I'm currently building my '04 GS3, at this moment the bottom end is at a machine shop to have new connecting rods and possibly even pistons and all internals replaced. I already have I lost of items I'm going to be buying to turbo this baby and get it to about 600HP. my true question behind all the information is, what type of engine management should I use? that's the only thing I'm currently stuck on. what type of ECU  and why. I have the turbo kit, transmission for the manual swap (CD009) I have the intake and such just no clue on the electronics (ecu) part. help me put peeps!

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Sounds like a fun car when done.

Supra forums would be a good place to look for info on tuning. That's about all they do over there. Tune, tune, tune, boost, boost, boost.

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thanks my man I'll try my luck there. otherwise is this here more of a congregate to fix issues with them forum or what? I'm down to share my wealth of knowledge as well


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jd, this one is more of a forum time has forgotten, but not in a bad way in my view. 

Yeah, unfortunately it is more about "why is my car broke" than "boy I sure love my new leather seats" anymore. But so are most other car forums it seems.

It's kinda strange how it took me longer to register and join here than it often does to find the answer to many issues folks are having. So fifteen seconds of searching, and typing a few words or sharing a you-tube later and the world thinks "gee, those folks over at Lexus Owners Club are terrific"……

Yet here the traffic that does occur has a smooth flow without all of the shouting and drama that often takes place in some forums catered to super-fast-go Lexi' vehicles. 

Lots of tinkerers here anymore, thinkers I'd say. People who enjoy lending some advice on why the car goes "clunk" each time it hits a bump or why ole bessy don't shift like she used to 20 years ago. 

I came here looking to learn what is likely going to go wrong with my 04 GS300 with 250k miles in the future and try to share some know how of things I have learned over the years. I enjoy the fixer aspect since I'm one of those still trying to figure how to program a VCR (video cassette recorder to those under 25 years old).

I went from twisting a distributor and screws on a carberator for boost to my car to wactching son plug a module to his car and typing some key strokes to get gain on his. 

We'd love to read about your know how. 

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On 10/4/2021 at 12:42 AM, Jdroberts said:

thanks my man I'll try my luck there. otherwise is this here more of a congregate to fix issues with them forum or what? I'm down to share my wealth of knowledge as well


Jdroberts  You are more than welcome to share your knowledge through these forums and as Bykfixer has mentioned it would also be great to get the buzz back into the site. 
If you would like to populate a separate section within the forums for performance mods, etc then we can set that up for you.
Meanwhile, feel free to share you build with us (photos as well) and I'm sure your posts will get some interest and feedback

With reference to the ECU, I have only personally used one before and it was Emerald which was easy to download maps onto and even the basic running setting was quite close to where things should be (Fuelling, Ignition, etc).
There are plenty of other programmable engine control modules available out there nowadays at reasonable cost

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