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97 Gs400 Wheels On Sc400


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i have a 92 sc400 that now has 97 gs400 chrome 5 spoke wheels on it and the front bumper cover from a 98 sc400. this updated the looks of this sc bigtime. i just wanted to let everyone know that these updates will fit on older scs with no modifications necessary.

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Since you are making conversion, you should out for 95-96 tail lamps. Clear cover lamp sure does look better than 92-94 taillamps IMO. Do you have the newer DL?

no, i have the original tail lamps still. i heard that if you update the tail lamps you have to change some circuit box also. sounded to complicated so i did not bother with it. i will try to get some pics of my sc on this site. by the way what is a dl?

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How difficult was it to replace the front bumper? Did you also do the side skirts?

Where did you find the bumper?

Sorry for all the questions, but this is something I'm looking into myself.


i was an estimator at lexus body shop in dallas & the bumper cover was off of a car that had its bumper replaced by insurance. the body men & painters repaired,painted & installed it as a going away present. the fog lights in it dont work because 92s only lit up when blinker was on on that side. the fog lights that are in my bumper were damaged leftovers also. sometimes a tab in the back breaks in an accident & insurance replaces the whole thing. i had to buy the little chrome grille & that was it. i dont have the side skirts or the rear bumper updated but the gs400 wheels & front bumper made a dramatic update to my black car. my wheels are chrome & they came off damaged cars also.if chrome gets scratched in an accident insurance replaces the wheel rather than going through the problems associated with sending off the chrome wheels for repair.

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