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Is service needed when its only been 4k miles since last service?

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Have a 2013 GS 350 with 51k miles on it.  We last a service in January 2020 when it has 47k miles on it.  So it's only been 4k miles since then, but it has been 1.5 years.  My question is what service do you think is needed?  The dealership is pushing for the 60k service (which is +$800).  Just an oil change? The 50k maintenance doesn't have an oil change so trying to decide between the 3 (oil change vs 50k vs 60k)

Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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I think I would go for the oil change as this can degrade over time in the engine.
I reckon any future buyer would consider that Coronavirus and lockdown periods where people weren't doing the mileage is a good reason for adapting service plans to take this into account

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What other items besides an oil change does a 60k service include? 

My truck for example reccomends tire rotation at 60, but not 50 since it reccomends that at 15k intervals. 

It also reccomends tranny fluid change at 60k based on every 30k. 

Neither one I'd opt for based on the truck sitting around but……yeah get rid of that motor oil since it may be loaded with condensation from warming and cooling.  And I'd have them check my battery out. But some places include a battery check with an oil change/service.

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