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aircon problems

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Hi All,


I'm seeking advice on my aircon problem (NX300H).

When the aircon is ON it's started leaking considerable amounts of liquid (water?) into the drivers footwell. The longer the A?C is on, the more liquid.

I live in Athens, Greece, where Lexus are few and far between. I'm out of warranty (2016 model) and there is only one lexus approved service dealer in Athens (and only two in Greece, total)

Ive taken the car in to establish the fault - they tell me the A/C radiator is 'cracked' and needs replacing. They are quoting a price of $3500 for the part/s, plus labour, which sounds astonishingly expensive to me. Searching the web I see Lexus OEM approved AC radiators at around $700 in the US.


Does anyone have a view on the veracity of the dealers claims? It seems to me, as it's out of warranty, I may as well go to any good garage and get a like for like replacement at a much cheaper price?


Any advice appreciated.


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Hi MIchael

I would imagine it is to do with the evaporator which is expelling the water which is being drawn from the interior of the car.

If the water is accompanied by a strong smell of antifreeze then the heater matrix could be leaking....otherwise if it is fresh water then this is what I have mentioned earlier.

If it is fresh water then possibly the evaporator tube which should expel the water outside (underneath the car) may be split and allowing it to enter the cabin footwell.

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