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2007 Lexus LS460 transmission issues

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SOS, my mechanic says I need a new transmission. It sometimes shifts OK, but other times it slips hard. It still goes in reverse and drives. Is there anything I can do other than replace the whole transmission? Please help! I forgot to mention, no check engine lights....

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Toyota auto tranny shifting solenoids quit working properly sometimes. That is a device that dictates when the transmission changes gears. It's not uncommon for those to go bad after a while. 

If it were solenoids you'd probably have a check engine light lit though. When you turn on the ignition confirm that the CEL lights up along with the other stuff. 

Could be your filter is clogged. If your tranny fluid is a dark brown or darker that's a sign of the fluid over heating. Could be you just need a fluid and filter change. 


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