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Hid Ecu

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I have a 1999 gs 400 and the driver's side headlight has stopped working because it keeps blowing fuses. It blows the stock 15 and a 20 that I tried. My mechanic tells me he thinks it must be the HID ecu, which, as I understand it, adjusts the height/positioning of the light. However, I think I can see the motor that makes this adjustment working when the lights are turned on. The part to replace the ecu is over $650. Anyone have any suggestions on what might be going on and the best way to try and fix it? If nothing else, are there any good places to buy discount parts?

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First thing to do is go to the local stealer and get the proper diagnosis. You don't know what to replace if you don't know what's wrong. Diagnosis is not nearly as expensive as the parts. The Toyota diagnostic handtool can test almost every electrical component in the car.

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I doubt it is the ecu which fuse exaclty keeps blowing?

It is probably just damaged wiring?

there is only one leveling ecu for both sides of the car so none would work if it was bad but the lights would light up just not move up and down

if the bulb itself doesn;t light up then remove the bulb and try putting a fuse back in to see if it is the bulb.

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