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Went out to my car this morning in a lock garage and all the windows were down The car was  also locked and I never lock my car inside the garage.  Ever hear of this happening?  This is the second time it happened once before about a year ago

I have a 2009 ES350 with about 130,000 miles.  The pebble beach model.

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You may have the dreaded disease known as TPS - Tight Pants Syndrome.  Something in your pants pocket may have pushed against the unlock button to cause the windows to roll down and then against the lock button to lock the doors.   I've occasionally had this problem although I've become careful to remove keys and fobs from my pocket when I'm home.

You're fortunate that it happened in your garage.  It's happened to some when their vehicles were parked outside in the rain.  At some point, Lexus vehicles began to come from the factory with this feature set to OFF by default - maybe due to the prevalence of TPS.

Unfortunately, only a Lexus dealer can change the setting on the ES350 of generation you have.  This and other customizable settings are documented in the Customization section of your owners manual.

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