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New Ignition Wire Set Necessary?

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I'd stay away from the Bosch wires. I had bought a set and while installing them immediately noticed a quality difference between the stock wires and the Bosch. Well, the Bosch wires also caused the engine to skip like a fairy after a short while because they arced like crazy. Replaced them with Lexus ones and it now runs great. Expensive but worth it........... Whoaa, did I just say that?

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I agree you should use only OEM wires and change them every 60-80K miles. Also change the distributor cap and rotor if your engine has them. You'll see an instant improvement in engine power and fuel economy that will convince you it was worth the cost. Especially if you also scrub the throttle body plate clean of accumulated goo like this (Corolla engine illustrated, but the lexus is similar)

Performing preventive maintenance like this on the ignition, fuel, cooling, exhaust and emission systems is more important to long, reliable engine life than your choice of engine oil. Most owners are obsessed with the idea that using synthetic oil is the answer to long engine life, but then they largely ignore or stretch out ignition, fuel, cooling, exhaust and emission system preventive maintenance.

Result? Their engines end up in the junkyard at only 150-250K miles. Very clean engines because they used synthetic oil, but dead engines that suffered fatal trauma of one form or another from being driven with worn out ignition, fuel, cooling, exhaust and emission system componets.

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I think the reference is regarding oxygen sensor replacement. An aged oxygen sensor will give inaccurate readings that degrade over time causing a rich condition, leading to catalytic converter burnout, leading to increased backpressure, leading to exhaust gas reversion, leading to burned valves, cylinders and elevated cylinder temperatures and inefficient burning and detonation and ultimately - a destroyed motor.

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i have a 94 LS with about 165k and i already cleaned the throttle body and changes plugs w/ oem. i am 17 and dont have the $$$ to buy wires or cap and rotor. I know there isn't much to do about the wires other than to save $140 and get the oem set but what about the cap and rotor? can't i salvage that? something about sanding/cleaning the contacts?

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How many O2 sensors are on a 93 SC400?

I keep getting Err 27, but it doesn't tell me which O2 sensor is giving the problem. Is it better to replace with an OEM sensor or an after-market? Auto Zone sells a universal O2 sensor, is this adequate?

I've also heard references to wide-band O2 sensors, is this something I should consider?

Each OEM sensor is $121.39, is this a good price?

If I replace one, should I replace all?

It seems there are (3) sensors, one front and a rear left and a rear right!

Thanks for your help!


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