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95 ls400 electrial issues..

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I've read numerous forums I've changed alternator twice already first had burnt regulator I changed ecm as I had no dash and or flickering etc new battery seems I'm still having a short circuit or something somewhere albeit I'm new to this really I'm learning as I go my father was a mechanic for a long time but on older cars this car is throwing me for a loop I replaced alt relay checked every fuse nothing is blown changed am2 relay and still after all that battery won't charge it stays at 11.8 and if I try to jump it it will only run if I keep foot on gas seems battery don't charge so I'm gonna attempt to replace but don't know where to go next really need some input it's been sitting 3 months and I do this with very little experience.

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What trouble codes are you getting from the car? Have you actually plugged a diagnostic trouble codes reader into the car? If so, what are the codes? You say you changed the ECM, are you talking about the computer that basically controls all the systems in the car? We need a little more info on what is ACTUALLY happening with the car. 

Does the car start and then die after a while? Or is it just that the battery won't charge? 

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You may want to take it to an Auto Electric Shop. They tend to be expert troubleshooters with anything related to electrical issues. I've gone to them multiple times throughout the years for problems that I couldn't solve. 

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