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What does my "drive pulse" score mean?

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This question is not specific to our model, which happens to be a UX 250H, but I use the Lexus app and while it is my wife's car I keep up on the info on it.

She drives it most of the time, 95%, she is a very conservative driver, no fast starts, no harsh cornering, etc.

The number in the middle of a green circle is "75"...the Fast acceleration is "84"...Harsh cornering is "126"...Harsh braking "102"..

It is a 0-100 scoring system it 100 good or bad? If she has 126 for cornering, is that good or bad? What is the highest or lowest it could be?

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1 hour ago, Bykfixer said:

You say she drives pretty conservative so I would surmize a cornering score of 126 is good.

Thanks, I had read that before I posted.  Actually does not answer any of my questions.  But thanks for responding.

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8 minutes ago, Bykfixer said:

Not sure if on star uses same scoring but the on star site went more in depth in what is a good score. 

Thanks, OnStar does confirm that the main score circled the higher the better, which I assumed it was but there’s no way of knowing for sure.




The other scores for cornering and so forth, There is still no way to interpret those. 

thanks for responding

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