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Drove a 2002 LS430 for 15 years and recently bought a 2020 LS 500.  I use the cruise control a lot and am frustrated that it will not "hold" the speed at the same speed I set.  For example, if manual cruise (not radar) is set at 80, the actual speed is only 79.  Very seldom will it hold the cruise speed.  I've taken it in for service and am being told that is "normal".  Does anyone else find this to be was never so with the old version and my husband drives new model GMC's which do not do this either.  Will appreciate feedback so I can either get over being annoyed OR get the problem resolved!


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I would expect the actual speed to be slightly less than the speed shown on the speedometer.  The difference is usually between one and three mph.

After setting the cruise control speed you can adjust the cruise control speed with the steering wheel controls to get it to exactly where you want it.  

Do you not like the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control?  All vehicles manufactured by Toyota since around 2018 have it.  It takes some getting used to and even some skill to use efficiently.  I've often driven 200 miles or more while using radar cruise control without ever touching the gas or brake pedals.  

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Thanks, Jim.  Every car my husband and I have owned has kept the cruise speed constant - this is new to me and quite frankly, annoying.  I actually took it to the dealer, they said nothing was wrong, and it's been holding speed ever since!  Weird.

Re the radar:  I think I'm too much of a control freak to ever let the car drive me!!!!  I'm an aggressive highway driver so find myself close behind people in the left lane fairly often.  

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