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Sunroof Cable damaged by User (me) Error - any hope of cheap fix?

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My first post. I recently purchased a gold 2006 Lexus Rx400h with 165,000 miles in near-perfect condition. 

Sadly I did something REALLY stupid. I went through an automatic car wash with the sunroof slightly ajar, so I figured I would open it and let the blower dry it. Big mistake. This blower must be 200 mph. 

After that, it would not close. I took it to a well respected indy shop in Boise and they quoted me $637.34 for the part (sunroof frame) and $1100 for labor which sounds within reason. Of course I do not want to do such a huge repair on an older vehicle. 

The note states: Cust states sunroof will not close advise cable is damaged (see picture in notes) modified part of cable and was able to get sun roof to close manually left sun roof motor disconnected to prevent accidental operation.

What I am wondering is: can the damaged frame not be repaired in situ (without removal and replacement) for far less money? 

Otherwise I am reasonably mechanically adept and I can get the part for a little under $500.

Your thoughts kind people?

Rx400h cable.png




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Do you really plan to use it? We never use ours but I try to open and close it every so often to make sure it works. My daughter's 15 year old Mazda Protege stopped working but she never used it so we left it alone. 

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Like RX said, close it and keep it closed.

If you feel industrious do a web search for a local junkyard and join the wishlist where they send you an email when the vehicle you choose comes in. Most will "pull" the part for a fee. Now to the industrious part…If you have a door panel popper tool and a set of 1/4" drive metric ratchets and screw drivers you can go to said junkyard and commence to removing one from one of their vehicles. Then you'll learn whether you want to pay somebody to install it or DIY that sucker. 

It's not real hard to do, it just takes several hours because you have to remove a bunch of plastic panels in order to remove the head liner. The hardest part is holding that heavy sucker while you fasten it to the roof. 

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