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Hey all. Figured this would be a good place to ask for some advice. I'm considering buying a 93 GS300, priced at 4k, 128k miles. I've never owned a Lexus or a car that old before, is there any dealbreaker or major replacements/repairs on this model in particular I should look out for? Still doing research but I always find I learn the best tips from forums like these. Thanks in advance!

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Once a vehicle gets past 15-20 years old, gaskets start to leak. Some of them can cost thousands in labor to replace. Back in 2014 I had a 1989 Mazda MX6 GT that was in great shape except for various gasket seals that were leaking. Spending the money to replace them would've made no sense, so I sold the car to a junkyard.
 Another reason why old cars are junked is because various components had been discontinued. This is why there is an old saying that you should buy the newest car you can afford. That is my advice. 

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If you know it was well taken care of, have a basic understanding of fixing cars, have the time, place and tools to do it……go for it. 

If you don't do your own repairs in general such as rotate your tires, replace broken electric locks, replace leaking gaskets and such you should probably avoid any old Lexus. 


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