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after wheel alignments, wheel balance, and hubcentric rings i still have this annoying intermittent shakes,,,,,, any suggestions as to the cause?

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Some less expensive wheels are hit or miss when it comes to how well balanced they are from the factory. Wheels like Enkei, for example tend to be well-balanced but I've had inexpensive $100 wheels made by other brands that were never able to be balanced to my satisfaction.

You may want to call various tire shops to see if they have something like this:

Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer | Hunter Engineering Company®

These are well known among auto enthusiasts for being able to balance just about any wheel.

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intermittent shakes? like as in when you hit the brakes? or during just cruising at 60/ 80mph? give more details

If Alignment is bad your car will go either right or left if you leave the steering wheel on its own

If the wheel balancing is bad then yes it might shake as the load of the rubber is not on its center line, try to go to another tyre shop as Dave suggested above

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Presuming you mean stock wheels and tires, sometimes the tires can get what is called "cupped" for various reasons. That means the tire is no longer completely round. Sometimes belts move around, sometimes alignment issues (as in not in alignment) or other factors can cause it. My former boss used to say "you can balance an egg easy, but you can never make it roll good". 

One thing many don't think about is water in the tires. As a teen I worked at a gas station and every season a lady came there to get the air exchanged in her tires. She was a widow whose husband exchanged the air in her tires each season due to a buildup of condensation. She had the person remove the tires from the rims, check for water and reinstall the tires 4 times a year. Spare tire too. 

Think about it this way. A 1 ounce weight can make your wheel "balanced" so 1 ounce (6 teaspoons) of water can make your wheel "unbalanced".

Often those air pumps at gas stations do not have a dryer between the compressor and the filler nozzle at the valve stem. And in many areas when weather changes drastically from warm to cold the pressure in tires drops a few pounds. Topping up at a gas station can lead to a few ounces of water in the tires over time. If you suspect that may be the case have the tires removed and reinstalled on the wheels at the place that does the balance. 

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