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Lexus LS 460L- Battery died along with alternator along with ABS

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HI All,

So i happen to have another LS 460L 2007 model but American Specs with ODO sitting at 200k miles which my brother drives

Its an old issue and now fixed but i feel i should share here on this platform also so that other users can take some help if any

Event Date 25-Mar-21

During driving all of a sudden battery symbol appeared along with all the other lights on the dash and lost power steering, brakes became hard as manual with no hydraulics etc, so brother drove it for like less than a mile and parked the car in the house.

Replaced the battery, car was firing right away but battery symbol did not go away and message was coming "Check electrical generator"



Update on 4-Apr-21

Called the recovery truck and sent the car to a garage nearby

Picked up the following scan codes with Launch X431 series



Replaced the Alternator and some kind of re-calibration and the battery light went away

Further diagnostics proved that the ABS system have unfortunately failed

So it appears to be and assumption points to that the car was driven initially in that condition earlier caused everything else to fail, not sure weather thats true or not

Update 4-May-21

Replaced the ABS system with a used one from Scrap yard

Replaced Fuse Box with a used one from Scrap yard

and codes went away




Took the car and upon climbing a bridge CEL came on again



Sent the car back to garage again on 5-May-21

Pulled up codes again



Appears to be O2 sensors, so replaced both O2 sensors bank 1- before the CATS

Did a reset from the scan tool and test drove, again the CEL came on with the same codes as above

After brainstorming from the garage, the car was sent to another shop who appears to have an active subscription over TIS and re-flashed the ECM (not sure exactly what was done in details) and cleaned the Catalytic converter

That finally solved the problem

Took the car finally on 24-May-21 and now working ok, spent big money but worth it and air ride changes the game comparing with what i have with coil springs



Any feedback with what i could have done differently would be appreciated


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Wow!  that's some journey to get to the end result and sometimes there are no shortcuts.
looking at all the fault codes, it does seem there was quite a bit to resolve so not sure you could have done much differently.

Well done on spending the time and money on rescuing the old girl, you've now got a superb Lexus as a result

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Hi Trevor

That's a very positive response i have to say it!

The problem was when we initially purchased the car all the lights except the ABS were coming up so we negotiated the price of the car knowing in a way that it would require maintenance but what we didn't accounted for that expertise on these are cars is not easy to find, it needs a skilled mechanic with experience to understand the root cause of the fault codes and not just replace what the computer is trying to say

Still i have a VGRS code which is not letting the whole display work, any leads what would be the probable cause and how to fix it would be appreciated

But yes in the end its every penny worth it!

Some pics


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