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Volume Not Responding - New Harness Recommended! YIKES!!!

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Car History: 2014 IS250 bought new from dealer and serviced by dealer, no mods or wrecks of any type.  120k miles.  This is my first 'real' issue with the car.

Symptom: After a Saturday morning hand wash in the driveway, drove the car on Sunday and noticed volume would not register a change via the center knob or the steering wheel toggle.  After 2 hour drive (total all day) with multiple stops, no rain and 90 degrees and sunny, the volume never started working, though the entertainment unit displays fine.  (no volume level indication on the screen either).

Debug: Started with fuses under dash (2 for Amp).  Next, I moved to the amp (no water damage) - checked the power to amp with car on, no voltage on the small pigtail.

Asked a Pro: Took the car to dealership.  They swapped out amp and head unit with no result.  They are asking for $4500.00 for a complete wiring harness swap.

My Thoughts: I was flabbergasted with this and their lack for troubleshooting any further  I'm thinking that the harness has a pinch, grounding issue, connection failure somewhere along the line, but no experience with this car to know any 'hotspots' to try.  I'm not beyond jumping the proper wires to get this working as I'm not inclined to spend a 1/3 the value of the car for sound at this point.  Any and all thoughts welcome.

It was also suggested by the service manager to call 1800-25-LEXUS and ask them for support.  Anyone out there done this for out-of-warranty cars?

Thanks for your help!!!


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