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V8 Emblem For Sc400

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OK so I'm a showoff, a snob maybe, but just to emphasize the point that "this ain't-one-of-those-sleek-looking-but-otherwise-wimpy-imports" I went to my Toyota dealer and got a chrome V8 emblem ($25 bucks -made for a Land Cruiser) and stuck it on the back of my SC. It looks great. A personality flaw perhaps but I feel so much better now.

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Teelias Writes:

"Where? One the passenger side across from the Lexus logo or under the

Lexus empblem?? Curious"


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Hey guys,

Where can I put it if I decide to put one on...................???

I want to put the "LS 400" emblem on the right side [where you guys are going to put it on the SCes]!!!!!!

Look at the link in my signature to 'My garage' to see the pics of my car.

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