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Low power and acceleration

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What would cause low power and acceleration?
I have no Check engine light

I changed the Catalytic converters, Throttlebody, TBS sensor, Oil change, Spark Plugs.
Still no improvement. 
Still hesitates to accelerate and no power and car won’t rev over 4K RPM

Anyone had this problem?
Do I change OCV and filter, MAF, PCV, Fuel Filter, crank shaft sensor 

Car hesitates,no power and struggles
Please HELP!!!

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I just fixed my 97 es300 with same problem"s" .  The only difference between mine and yours is, mine wouldn't rev past 2500 rpm once it warmed with no check engine light. I've replaced everything you've done and still same problem.  so, I took out my cam and crank sensor out to see how bad the resistance are between the prongs and cam sensor was within spec but started to leak oil and the crank sensor reading was off the chart.  I've replaced the cam sensor due to oil leak and crank sensor due to extremely high resistance and my engine runs and sounds new. I was just about to post my finding and came across your post. take your crank sensor out and look inside the 2 prongs to see any corrosion build up and check the resistance. I hope my nightmare of 3 weeks can help you out. cheers. 

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Perfect, We here are Happy for you, Heck 3 weeks is a Bear of a problem. Enjoy the ride 🙂

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