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Hey all, I recently bought a 2006 Lexus RX400H. I was just driving down the interstate and my VSC, ABS, brake, traction control lights all came on. I immediately pulled over and I was about 2 miles from my house. I drove it home and nothing seemed different with the way it was driving. But a few days later, when I would go to stop, it is making a scraping sound. It's not my brakes or rotors. I am dreading taking it to the dealership bc it's outrageously priced. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas I could try? Thank you!

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How old is your 12V battery? A weak battery can cause various warning lights to illuminate. There should be a date code on the battery. Anything over 4 years of age may be suspect.

I just mentioned in another similar post that many unscrupulous vehicle sellers will clear trouble codes just before selling the vehicle. This is why Scotty Kilmer on youtube advises buyers to bring an OBD II scanning instrument when going to look at the vehicle. He also recommends taking the vehicle out for an hour drive (highway and city), if possible, since after that amount of time any codes that were deleted will come back.

A scraping sound when applying the brakes almost always indicates worn pads. Any recommended local auto repair shop mechanic should be able to inspect your braking system.



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Thank you for your response. My battery is about 6 months old...I wish it were that easy but I have 3 codes. I'll see what they are when I get home to be sure. But there's definitely something going on. I'd like to know how to get ahold of Toyota bc someone said they might possibly fix it but I'm not counting on it. My brakes and rotors are also fine bc I took my tires off and checked them. I'll be getting it checked this coming week though. Thanks once again

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