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Tach/speedo capacitor replacement not going well

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My dashboard went blank a while back.  Since car is only worth $500 I simply removed the dark plastic over the gauges and kept driving it.  But this week the trip odometer went blank and the gas gauge went from half tank to full tank without adding any gas.  Ok, so I read up on replacing C212, C147, C142. Since I already replaced all the capacitors in my ECU this should be a piece of cake right?  Well, I pulled my 1992 LS400 gauge cluster only to find there aren't any Capacitors with these numbers.  So I have it in pieces on the kitchen table with no visually obvious capacitors or other components bad.  Does anyone know exactly what caps need to be replaced in the inst cluster for the fuel, tach, and the speedo on a 1992 LS400?  I have searched here for hours and can not find them.  But I did find that I did not read far enough in the original thread to see where Lexis said it doesn't apply to 90-92 models .  😞 😞 😞 Thanks.

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Well, I might be missing something here but these threads do not apply to the 1990-1992 models. I do NOT have a C212 or any of the other capacitors mentioned and my boards do not even remotely resemble these.  So I bought a used replacement for ~100 off ebay who guaranteed it was lighting when he removed it from a 1991 LS400.  It does light up fine.  Unfortunately, the odometer has failed (just like mine), the tach reads 1000 rpm with the car turned off (I assume the needle slipped during shipping just like mine did when I rough house removed it from the dash) and the gas gauge is highly suspect as I've gone 20 miles (the trip odometer does work) and it hasn't moved off full, something I've never been able to do before.  The speedo is 2-3 mph low but I don't care. 

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