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Many of us are used to putting high test fuel in our Lexus vehicle, but we are not used to everybody else in the city buying up all of the high test because panic buying has depleted low octane and mid-grade. 


My work has me using about 12 gallons a day and the job is in small town USA. Welp small town USA was completely out of gasoline yesterday. It's just off the interstate so travellers were just out of luck.  The place I work is on the interstate where thousands of cars and trucks pass by every hour. By close of business yesterday that was no longer the case. It was sureal, as if somebody had closed a gate upstream. 

Anybody else see the effects? 

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...time for a Prius! 🙂

Based upon your driving expense, it should take you 5 years to break even (if you sold your GS) but less if you bought a used Prius.

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I drive a company vehicle. The giant company made a deal with Ford so they get huge discounts on the F-150 and Explorers. The client requires full size 4wd vehicles made by one of the big 3. 

I put in somewhere between 125 and 200 miles each day and while sitting next to the interstate requires an array of flashing lights so it idles a lot as well. 

Today I watched a few gasoline tanker trucks wizz past heading for Metropolis. Sadly it wasn't uncommon to see cars and trucks go past loaded down with gasoline tanks. 

Later in the day I opened an email that appeared to be from Microsoft today. It was a scam and had I clicked on the link my company might have been hacked. It was pretty freakin' authentic looking. 

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