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In the market! Not sure which one to go for!

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I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on purchasing a higher mileage LX470. I want something for my son and I to have fun with on the weekends, with the thought of him taking it over when he is 16 (6 more years). I live in VA and there are about a handful of decent 470’s around. I’ve locked into one that has 224k miles for 11,995. It’s a 2002. It has a clean CARFAX with all scheduled maintenance complete. The interior is in OK shape, probably need some reupholstering in some places. It also has a suspension coil conversation on it. 

I’ve been close on making the deal, until I found one on eBay that is only 120 miles away. I’m extremely new to auction buying or eBay itself, but the online dealer is top 10 on eBay, so I feel comfortable about it. I also can personally see it as well. This dealership finds old LX470s much like the one mentioned above, and refurbishes them. The car looks brand new. No blemishes on the interior or exterior. Rather impressive. Timing belt and fluids recently replaced. 1 owner and all maintenance records available. It’s a 2005 with 124k miles for $19,995. 

Should I go for the cheaper (2002) one knowing I have to do the timing belt and interior, or is it worth the extra 7k for peace of mind with the 2005. 

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